The Book: A Better You

We don’t have to be the best but we can all be better

I am so excited to tell you that my first book is finished and you can purchase it right here!

Just scroll down a bit for the link.

After 32 years of complaining about everything that was wrong in my life I finally started making positive changes to improve my life. I figured out that when we are happy we will get the most out of life and that is what this book is all about – being happy and living the life that we want to have.

Each chapter of A Better You is my personal story about how I made positive changes in my health, in my relationship, in my career, with my family, with my friends and with my money.  This book is a compilation of the most popular/my favourite posts from this blog; complete with personal confessions and reader comments.  I hope you enjoy reading about my personal experiences and the motivations that have made me a happier person. This is my life…32 years in the making.

I hope that this book inspires you to make positive changes in your life, improve some of your less desirable qualities, find personal happiness and become a better person. Enjoy!

Love and Praise for A Better You:


“When I purchased this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m all about self improvement so I was willing to give it a shot. This book did not disappoint. The author takes real examples from her own life and applies how you can learn from them and make yourself a better you. It’s not too late to have the life you dream of or want, in area, from finances, to relationships to your career.” Athena @ AccordingtoAthena

“To All My Friends……please check out this book on Amazon, its such a great inspiration and WOW what a read! I think you will find something of your own life in it for sure, I know I sure did!” - Joseph from London, Ontaro

“My favourite advice from A Better You is – We have to try and smile through the storm because eventually the rain will stop. That is my new pesonal motto.” – Jamal from Montreal

“In her new book A Better You the author Tahnya Kristina shares many life experiences of which we can all relate to and learn from – a book where you can finally relate to the author.  A great read !” - Brigitte from Montreal

I’m very impressed by how comfortable you are with sharing so much about your life. You’ve overcome a lot. Congratulations on making so many changes and strides to be a better you! I’m sure lots of women can relate to the stories in your book. - Bethy from California

“I like how the author doesn’t pretend to have all the answers or to have reached all her goals. Instead, she explains that she is currently on her own path to creating “a better you.” While she has made positive changes she needs to continue to grow and change in order to reach her goals.
I found A Better You to be a quick and very motivational read. Change can happen, you just need to start. Tahnya Kristina gives you a ton of tips on how to get started and how to stay motivated. Personally, I think staying motivated can be harder than getting started. So it is nice to have ideas and tips on how to continue moving towards your goals.” - AS Green from Always the Planner