A Second Chance at Love

This past weekend while I was in Denver Colorado for a conference my friend Tricia was getting married.  Do you remember my friend Tricia? We have been friends for over seven years and throughout that time we have definitely had some ups and downs in both our personal lives as well as in our friendship.Tricia and I have remained friends through heartaches, breakups, family drama, personal struggles, and career changes.  Tricia is my rock, she is a very independent person, she is very opinionated, and she has a very strong personality; but she never judges me for my choices or for my mistakes. That’s exactly why I love Tricia and that’s exactly why I know that we will always remain friends, because our friendship is unconditional.  Regardless of whatever chaos is going on in our personal lives Tricia and I always try to make time for each other.

Throughout the years of growing up and finding her place in the world Tricia has been very fortunate to graduate from university and find her dream job; however she has not always been very lucky in the love department.  Tricia always wanted to be in love, but she just never found her perfect match…until now. She is very independent but she is also very nurturing, this combination sometimes left her male companions curious and confused. How can a woman who wants to do everything herself also want to take care of someone else?

Tricia has worked very hard for everything that she has accomplished in her life; this also includes her new found love.  After dating men who were less than her perfect match Tricia definitely knows which qualities in a man will compliment her personality.  I am happy to say that at 33 years old my friend Tricia has finally found her perfect match. This is why I wish my friend Tricia and her new husband a lifetime of happiness together.

Last Saturday in front of their family and friends Tricia and her husband vowed to live happily ever after together through sickness and health, through richer or poorer, and until death do them part.  Tricia could have settled a long time ago for someone who was less than her perfect match, but she always knew that she deserved better.

If you are single and you feel like you are going to be single forever please don’t give up hope. Your perfect match, or your soul mate as Tricia says, is out there somewhere in the world, and you should never settle for anything less than perfect.

Love Always,

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