Finding a Balance That Fits You

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This is a guest post from Athena @ Serendipitys Guide to Saving

As a young woman, it’s easy to feel the day to day pressure of society. How do I do it all? Where is there time to kick butt in my career, feed myself, hang out with friends, read whatever is popular at the moment and work out? Oh, and you expect me to sleep? What?!?! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious, especially with my go go go mentality but I’m beginning to understand how important it is to have balance these days.

What exactly do I do to stay balanced?

1. Make A List
I am a big list maker and I can say writing a list helps cut down my stress. I get overwhelmed easily, but writing everything down with a pen and a piece of paper helps calm me. Sure, I may have more things to do than hours in the day, but at least it’s on paper and now I can’t forget about anything. Also, there is something so satisfying about crossing something off manually with a pen.

2. Cut out what’s not important
How often do we do something, even though it’s not important? On my to do list I have about 15 things for this week but two of these items are actually watching different television shows. Is that important? No, it’s just something I enjoy and wanted to remind myself. But if push came to shove, and I had something to do more important like working out? You bet television would be the first thing to go. Sometimes, even if you want to do something, it’s not necessary and can go. When the going gets tough, anything not important can get going too. You’d be surprised what a waste time sucks like television and blog hopping can be. Okay in moderation, but make sure to limit it when you got stuff to do!

3. Remember You
One of my tricks to finding balance is remembering me. Yes, I need to get x,y and z done. Yes I have days when all I feel is rushed. But at the end of the day, I still have to answer to me and there is only me. I’m only one person, not five. A good friend told me once that sometimes, you can only do your best and move on. I try to make sure I do my best with what I’m given, reflect, and then move on. Sometimes you only have half an hour and that’s okay. Remember you and do what you can.

I hope my tips helped. Any readers have any helpful tips on finding balance you’d like to share?

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- Athena is the writer behind Serendipity’s Guide to Savings and resides in Las Vegas. When not drinking obnoxious amounts of Starbucks or plotting her next travel adventure without looking suspicious, she can be found being passionate about non-profits and Twitter as well. You should follow her @serendipity85

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The Latest Fashion Trends for Fall and Winter

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English: Runway model; Abigail Keats Autumn/Wi...Many well known fashion designers made a prediction that the latest trends will be ruled by the music indusries with inspriation from the world of rock music and the hip hop lifestyle.

Tips for Fall and Winter:

- The latest fashion garments will be made of chunky textured materials.

- The stylish scarves can be regarded as one of the best fashion statements of this year.

Men’s Fashion Wear

- There are many fashion garments for men this year such as jackets, coloured jeans and denim jeans.

- Men can also wear the all time hit athletic jerseys. If you wear this you can get a cool look. So wear a jersey and make a unique fashion statement.

- Black leather jackets are also a good option for men. They create a bold look and always make effective fashion statement.

From the above mentioned points and discussions we have come to know the latest trends this year. Nowadays both men and women all want to look gorgeous. Many young celebrities also prefer the laid back look of rock and hip hop styles. In this article we discussed all the essential features of the latest trends. There is no doubt that women always jump ahead of men when it comes to new trends, especially when it comes to fashion.

Love Always,

Author’s Bio:

Author’s Bio: Emily Stone is a professional writer for The Little Things in Life. She has a vast experience in writing articles on Wedding Hair Accessories and related topics. In this article he has written on latest trends in fashion wear.

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15 Time Management Tips to Get It Done!

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Good Morning Everyone. Last Tuesday I shared a post with my top time management tips and the response by My Diary Entry readers has been both amazing and encouraging.  I am not going to lie, sometimes I get so discouraged by everything that I have to do in one day because I just don’t feel like there are enough hours in one day to get everything done.  However, I am trying to do my best.  I can’t be too discouraged because a lot of my workload is self inflicted, sometimes I take on too many tasks.  I am trying to finish my first book while still trying to produce great content for my freelance employers and still be a somewhat productive employee at my 9 to 5 job.

The response on Twitter and Facebook by My Diary Entry readers has been wonderful. It’s comforting to know that other young professionals who have aspirations to get more out of life are experiencing the same struggles.  It’s comforting to know that I am not crazy and that being extremely busy is just a part of working towards my personal goals.

One of the readers who reached out to me is Jones Loflin.  Jones Loflin is a speaker, trainer and author who helps others get the right things done at work and in life.  You can follow him on Twitter @jonesloflin.

Here are 15 Proven Time Management Strategies from Jones Loflin

1. Identify The Pain (i.e. the source of the problem).

2. Change Your Daily Routine.

3. Live In A State of Perpetual Prioritization.

4. Develop Periods of Focused Intensity.

5. Single Task When Possible.

6. Get The Tasks and Stress Off Your Mind.

7. Make Quick Decisions About How to Best Use A Short Period Of Time.

8. Use The Four D’s to Handle Any Incoming Possibility (delete, delegate, delay, and do).

9. Map It Out in Your Mind.

10. Be Clear About What Constitutes “Done”.

11. Minimize Procrastination.

12. Survive the E-Mail Tsunami (i.e. Manage Your Emails).

13. Stop With the “Victim Mentality”.

14. Insulate Your Schedule (i.e. Give Yourself Some Extra Time).

15. Plan For All 3 Areas of Your Life (Work, Relationships, Yourself).

Love Always.

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5 Tips To Create a Successful Blog or Website

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This is a post from my friend, fellow blogger, and business owner Andrea at Nuts and Bolts Media.   Andrea is a creative genius who creates and designs websites.  If you are starting a new blog or if you want to create a website for your new business I suggest that you check out Nuts and Bolts Media.

Here are some great tips for new bloggers and new business owners:

1. Add Social Media Links. Do you use Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts for your blog or website? Make sure your readers know about them! It’s easy to add social media buttons or icons to your site so people can follow you.

2. Have an “About” page on your website. You may think your blog’s purpose is pretty obvious. You may have a short bio in your sidebar. But I’m telling you, people want more information about what your blog is about. They want to know a few details about you (your entire life story NOT required) and why you’re writing about your topic of choice. My About page is one of the most frequently clicked on all of my websites.

3. There should be a “Home” link on every post and page. Ideally, readers will be able to click your header and return to your homepage. However, it’s also helpful to have a Home link in your navigation bar just in case. It should be the first item on the navigation bar – when it’s anywhere else, it can be frustrating for readers.

4. Have Great Content. This should be a no-brainer, but if you’re going to have a blog, you should probably write some blog posts. (If you are creating a website for your new business and words aren’t really your thing, then hire someone to write great website content for you.  Check out our Services Page to see how we can help your website stand out and get noticed.)

5. Upload some images. Use mages in your blog posts and on your websites! You don’t have to use tons of pictures that make the page load slowly, but it’s nice to see something other than text every now and then. There are tons of sites like Morgue File that offer free images for you to use.

To read the full article please visit Nuts and Bolts Media

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3 Things I Learned From Chasing A Dream

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Good Morning Everyone. Today I am happy to share a guest post by Kristen Bischoff who is the co-founder of – a personal assistant for families.  This a part of my “Do What You Love” philosophy which is about making changes in your life and doing what you love to make yourself happy.

I met the ladies from Hatchedit in August while I was at the BlogHer conference in NYC. Hatchedit is a free site and their iPhone and Android apps let you share your calendar, to do lists, photos and more with immediate family and friends. We’re changing the way people organize, coordinate and communicate their plans online.

Enjoy Everyone!

I have always been a dreamer.  But up until two years ago, I never threw myself into chasing my dreams.  I guess means that up until then they were more like fantasies – things that I liked to think about, but knew would never come true.

Co-Founding is the first wild desire I have ever actually chased (aside from a few bad boys with six packs! Lol).  And sometimes I’m not really sure why this has been the one thing that was important enough to make me leap into the abyss.  But I have, and I am willing to admit to you that it has been as scary as it has been exhilarating, as terrifying as it has been rewarding.

One of the great things about having an experience such as this, is the knowledge that one gains along the way.  I’ve learned lots.  About myself, about the world we live in, and about the people around me.  And I’d love to share three of those things with you!

It is imperative to keep track of you accomplishments.  Overnight success is extremely rare.  As much as we all start out chasing a dream with our eye on the prize, the beauty of this experience is the journey.  And yet, it is so easy to forget that.

One of the most important things that Megan (my co-founder) and I do is to take time every week to review all that we have accomplished.  In the beginning that was just making a postcard of the number of users we had on our site – and even if in the beginning that number only increased a little – each new user was still an accomplishment.

New ideas, successful meetings, even just setting up meetings with people, are all hurdles that we were successfully leaping over.  And taking the time to congratulate ourselves on these smaller accomplishments on the journey to our larger success not only helped keep our dream alive, it kept us energized.

Taking care of my body has been as important as taking care of my mind.  My journey to fulfill my dream of being a partner in my own business actually started the day that I began to concentrate on my health.  Two years ago, when I was 39 years old, overweight, out of shape, and had no health insurance, I made the decision to get healthy.  I began slowly but surely eating better and working out (it took me a whole month just to be able to finish an exercise video!) and my entire life changed.

I had more energy than I remember having ever in my adult life, and that included mental energy.  All of that energy needed other outlets, and I found myself working harder at my job, and seeing opportunity everywhere.  Out of that energy came the first kernal of the idea for, and perhaps more importantly, the feeling that I had what it takes to chase that dream.

In fact I LOVE and admire Tahnya’s recent post about health and having an annual check-up.  As a blogger chasing her own writing dreams, she is concentrating on all of the right things.

Halfway through this year I wound up having a pretty major medical emergency.  It could have been a big disaster in terms of a prolonged time away from running the business.  But, because I have spent the past 2 years taking good care of myself – my recovery time was miraculous and the surgery I had wound up being just a little speed bump.

It also further proved to me how important it is, even when hyperfocused on chasing a dream, that you have to take care of the dreamer as well.

Truly, nobody succeeds entirely on their own.  There’s been some focus on this topic and what it takes to be successful during this election year (Who built this – anyone?).

But I truly believe that without a strong support network, the bar for success is sometimes out of reach.  I have been incredibly lucky to have the full support of my family – emotional, financial, and at times physical (everyone chasing a dream has moments where a single hug means the difference between success and giving up).

Don’t be afraid to ask the people around you for support.  And don’t be afraid to let them know when you are faltering.  Sometimes, just allowing yourself to vent your frustration to a caring person, gives them the chance to help you gather your strength and continue down a path that is almost never smooth.

Love Always.

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Sexy Summer Fashion Trends

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Good Morning Everyone.  Today I am featuring a guest post by celebrity stylist Anya Sarre from Shoe Dazzle.   In an attempt to spice up our lives, from time to time I invite other bloggers to write guests posts on My Diary Entry for your reading pleasure.  Please give a big warm welcome to Anya Sarre as you read her first guest post on My Diary Entry.

For the latest fashion trends you can follow Anya Sarre on Twitter @StylistAnya.  Enjoy!

In many ways, summer throws us for a loop. We want to look fashionable, but how can you do it when most people wear only a few articles of clothing out of doors? If you are someone who is intent on staying stylish even when the temperatures rise and rise, you will find that it is time for you to consider what your options are. Check out these tips for looking hot even when you stay cool!

Consider Summer Dresses

Photo by All Maxi Dresses

My personal favorite this summer is the maxi dress! Maxi dresses provide you with a sophisticated amount of coverage but still portray a sexy and flirty look. Even if dresses aren’t your kind of thing, give the maxi dress a try and you’ll be sure to fall in love. In a large variety of colors, patterns and fabrics, you’ll be sure to find a dress that fits the scene and fits your style!

Don’t forget to work from the ground up. Your shoes can transform an entire outfit. So whether you wear high-heeled shoes, sandals, or wedge heels, match your dress to your feet! A bright colored maxi with a floral wedge will look red carpet summer ready in a matter of minutes.

Always Accessorize

Photo by Chictopia

The right accessories can make a simple combination pop if you choose them correctly! For example, if you want to keep the sun off your head, choose a light silk or cotton scarf. Wound over your hair, this gives you the look of a 1940’s starlet. Give your arms some interesting visual variety by choosing bangles that contrast nicely with your dress and make sure that you consider a flirty anklet for when you head down to the pool. Think about how the accessories you choose give you a specific look. What do you want to look like and what accessories go with that look?

When it comes to makeup during the summer, always remember that you should keep it light. Stay cool, calm and collected in the summer heat.

If you are tired of the summer sun, don’t forget that summer is still a chance for you to look your best. Consider what your choices are and how you can draw the eyes of everyone around you!

Love Always,

 and Anya Sarre from

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Sometimes We Just Need a Friend!

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Good Morning Everyone.  Today is a very special day for me because today is the very first guest post here on My Diary Entry.  This blog is normally used for my personal thoughts and feelings; I use it as cheap therapy.  However today is going to be different.  If you are a regular visitor here on My Diary Entry then you know that I like to volunteer my time for various charities.  I prefer to volunteer my time rather than donate money because time is more valuable and it also gives me a chance to meet some great people.

David Haas is a Guest Blogger at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.  He recently reached out to me and asked if he could write a guest post on My Diary Entry about the different support services that are available for families dealing with cancer.  David knows from reading my blog that I support various charities such as The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers as well as Ovarian Cancer Canada, so of course I was more than happy for David to write a guest post.

Whenever we are going through a though time in life I feel that our support system of friends, family, co-workers and public services can help make the tragedy a little bit easier.  I hope that you enjoy this guest post by David Hass about the Support Networks for Cancer Patients and their Families!

“Though medical advancements are providing better treatment for cancer patients, there are still some things that the medical community cannot provide their cancer patients. Radiation treatment, chemotherapy and surgery can help cure the cancer, but it cannot cure a patient’s state of mind — their well-being. 

Cancer support networks, though very valuable, are not widely promoted by peers, medical authorities and other professionals. Yes, many doctors recommend support groups to their patients, but most doctors do not stress just how important these groups are to patients. 

I have a friend who battled mesothelioma — for privacy purposes, we’ll call him John. Along John’s journey with cancer, his doctor gave him much information, but his doctor could never give him the type of support that his cancer survivor network gave him. While recovering from the treatments, John attended these group sessions, learning new things about other patients and gaining advice from patients who were in remission. These members were able to help each other emotionally, something that the doctors, and even many friends, could not do. 

John learned how to stay optimistic, and the doctors even told him that his optimistic mindset was helping him recover. Positive thinking and optimism helps release special neurological signals to important body functions, such as the immune system. 

Cancer support networks offer unique information

Your doctor can tell you the facts about your condition; they can tell you about your future treatments and what the side effects will be. However, your fellow peers in the support group can tell you what worked for them in their fight with disease.

Patients in remission return to their support groups to help new patients, giving them information that no doctor has. Helpful tips, advice and opinions are only a few things that experienced cancer patients can offer.

Support groups are not just for patients

Many patients’ friends and family members attend these types of groups to get a first-hand look at what it is really like to live life with cancer. Too much surprise, many people discover that cancer patients who attend these groups have a very positive outlook on life; they embrace their future with complete confidence.

The uplifting tone creates a special atmosphere, an atmosphere that accomplishes amazing things. 

If you have cancer or you know someone who has cancer, find a support group near you. It is very important for every cancer patient in any stage of their condition to attend these groups and be surrounded by genuine people who know exactly what you are going through.”

This document also lists specific studies and research findings on the benefits of cancer networks.

Check Out David Haas at The Mesothelioma Blog.

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