Movie Review: Ender’s Game

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Ender's Game (Movie Tie-In) (Ender Quintet #1)

In 3 words Ender’s Game is intense, dramatic and heart warming.

Good morning Loves.  As you know I absolutely LOVE going to the movies.  When I heard from my friend that the book Ender’s Game was being made into a movie I was excited to see one of my favourite book series come to life on screen.  But then I had a second thought…I said to myself, “Oh I hope the movie industry doesn’t ruin the book.”

Books into movies are usually Blah, but not this time

This often happens when books are translated into a movie script – a la Twilight Saga; which is funny because Ender’s Game was created by Summit Entertainment, the same company that made the Twilight Saga books into movies.  Anyways, I am happy to say this is not the case for Ender’s Game.  I am usually not into science fiction, but Ender’s Game is absolutely the exception to my usual crime-thriller book rule.

I fell in love with the characters in Ender’s Game and I couldn’t stop reading the books – To date I have read 4 of the 5 books in the series and I am right in the middle of the last one.

Even if you haven’t read the books you should still see the movie

The movie story line tells itself and even if you don’t know what’s going to happen next because you didn’t read the book, the movie is still awesome.

Actually it’s probably better that you don’t know what’s coming next in Ender’s Game because the suspense is exciting.   I knew what to expect next and honestly the movie seemed a little rushed for my liking compared to the book, but I understand that the movie producers had to fit everything in.

Even if Sci-Fi isn’t your thing, you will love Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game is a science fiction book because it’s about an alien invasion, but that’s just the undertone.  The real story of Ender’s Game is the relationships between the characters and the heroic young Ender Wiggin.  Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned American Hero?! When Ender is pushed to his limits he still comes out victorious – You gotta love that.

Ender’s Game could have been in any type of setting other than space – it could have been about hunting animals in the woods or fighting creatures in the deep blue sea – and I would still be in love with it because it’s about the story of the characters.

OK No Spoiler Alert

No I didn’t spoil it for you by telling you that Ender comes out victorious in the end.  We all know the hero wins at the end, the real story is about how he gets there and what he has to go through to win.

Oh and there is a big cast – Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley and Abigail Breslin. LOVE IT.

PS – If you have read the book I just have to say that little Bean is TOO CUTE.  Kind of like a young Taylor Lautner.

If you saw Ender’s Game – what did you think?

Love always,

Friday Faves: Haters Gonna Hate

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Good morning Loves and Happy November 1st . Remember in Catholic school when November 1st was a holiday.  Yep that’s right, after spending the night trick or treating and eating candy Catholic school kids all across the country got to sleep in on November 1st because it’s All Saints Day.  Ahhh the good old days.

Before we get started – don’t forget to enter our awesome giveaway right heeerrrre to win a portable speaker for your iPod/iPad/iPhone from Tego Audio.

Ok now let’s get down to business…

Do you have someone in life that you want to/should hate, but can’t?

It’s not good to go through life with negativity, but in all honestly some people (like Casey Anthony and rapists) deserve to be hated.  I don’t feel bad for hating certain people because in my opinion they really just brought it upon themselves due to their bad behaviour.

So tell me Loves…Are You A Hater?

People that I want to hate…but can’t…and don’t know why

Britney Spears.  I am really cheering for her this time.  I am hoping that the 3rd comeback is the charm and it’s the one that sticks.  The world is a better place with a little Britney Spears in it.  I know she wasn’t a great mother (and maybe still isn’t but we just aren’t reading about it anymore) in her younger years, but I can’t hate her for it.  Everyone is allowed to have a mental breakdown every now and then…right?

Miley Cyrus.  I know that I should hate her for being skanky and portraying a less than desirable image for young girls everywhere, but I love her for being herself and being different than every other pop star.  I am not a fan of her new look (more clothes are definitely needed) and I definitely don’t agree with her dance moves all up on married men, but I still sing along with “We Can’t Stop” to the top of my lungs.  I love everything that the song stands for; women should be confident and unique.  Good for Miley Cyrus for breaking out of the Disney mold and becoming her own person.

The bitches from The Real Housewives. Oh my goodness I can’t get enough reality TV, you know that.  I love watching The Real Housewives….of anything…except Vancouver and Miami.  I love The Real Housewives of New Jersey, New York, The O.C. and Beverly Hills.  I would love to hate those women for being in their 40s and 50s and acting like mean girls in a school yard and I would love to hate women for hating on their own friends, but I just can’t.  Cat fights and rich girl drama make for really good reality TV and I continue to set my PVR every-single-week.

Love it or hate it, that’s me.

Have a great weekend.

Love Always,

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Please Bethenny Frankel I’m begging you

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As you know I am a HUGE fan of Bethenny Frankel.  In case you don’t remember you can read about my admiration here and here.  I have loved her for years and now I want her to be my employer.  So what did I do? What any sane person would do who really wants a new job. I sent a letter to every single Bethenny-related email that I could find on her website in hopes that one would fall into her lap.  Bethenny, if you are reading I hope you see just how awesome I am and just how hard I will work for your team.


This is my letter/job application to Bethenny Frankel…



Dear Team Bethenny,

My name is Tahnya Kristina and I really want to work with Bethenny. I want to be your expert on a topic that is usually considered taboo…money.  I feel my personal experiences with money, my great personality (If I do say so myself) and my education as a Financial Planner are a perfect fit for Team Bethenny.

I am a huge fan of Bethenny’s new show, but the one thing missing from Bethenny TV is the topic of money.  I love talking about making money, saving money and spending money, but not many people do – so let’s change that.  Call all your girls and let’s get talking about everything related to money.

Why I’m your girl

I am the perfect candidate to write about money for and answer viewer questions because I had my share of dirty little money secrets from almost being bankrupt to hiding money from my boyfriend.  I had my share of personal financial struggles and I know that Bethenny has too, but no one talks about it because we are ashamed – but we don’t need to be.

I want to talk about money because no matter how much or how little we have, money is always in our lives and affects everything else that we do from dating to starting our own business. I want to help women afford the lifestyle they want to have and it has nothing to do with how much money they make – it all has to do with a little thing called financial planning.

I will do whatever it takes to work on Team Bethenny – from stopping people on the street and asking them how much money they have in their wallet to following people into Starbucks to see if they pay for their coffee with cash or credit and why.  I will work in New York or California…where ever Bethenny sends me I will go.

My money story

In my early 20s I found myself tens of thousands of dollars in debt ($50,000 to be exact) and as much as I would like to blame it on my family and friends or even my job, it was no body’s fault but my own.  I finally hit rock bottom and had to start making changes in my life – so that’s exactly what I did. I sold my car, moved to a cheaper apartment and got a second…then third job.

Now I consider all my purchases, I still use my credit card (but a lot less) and I always look for creative ways to save a buck.  I live without “stuff” and at 30 years old I actually started living my life because I didn’t have the stress of the debt burden. Let me tell you that I (and my relationship) have never been happier.

So why is my story so different?  Why should I be the money expert for team Bethenny? I accumulated thousands of dollars of debt and I did it while working as a Certified Financial Planner.  Yep that’s right, every day I help people set a budget, manage their money, pay off their debt and save for retirement– and I did it while my personal finances were falling into a black money hole.

I couldn’t take my own advice, but I came to learn that spending money is just like any other addiction…you have to hit rock bottom and realize you have a problem before you can start to make changes.  So let’s make changes ladies.

Ok so let’s do this

I really want to join the Bethenny team and I feel my story, money advice and savings tips will help women everywhere live a happy money life.  I have been writing professionally since 2003 and blogging since 2009.  My work has been featured on Forbes, Lifehacker, H&R Block, BlogHer and Business Insider.

No topic is off limits with Bethenny so let’s start talking about money and let’s make it fun.

I hope to hear from you soon. Please contact me anytime.

If you were Bethenny would you hire me?  Please say yes and tell her on Twitter @Bethenny

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Friday Faves: My music guilty pleasure is…

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Good morning Loves and Happy Friday.  As you know I absolutely love music.  I think that music makes the world a better place.

I associate certain songs with different important moments in my life like the song Unfoolish by Ashanti with my first real heart break and the song Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly Rowland with falling in love again.  I also always associate the song Bye Bye from Mariah Carey with the day my best friend Kevin passed away.  I know it’s morbid, but music helped me get through that tough time and I listened to that song over and over again for weeks.  To this day it still brings tears to my eyes when I hear it.

I actually associate music with a lot of the good times and bad times in my life because music just some how always seems to make things better.  The perfect song can bring tears to my eyes or a smile to my face.  It can help me run through a tough workout or it can calm me down and help me fall asleep.  What can I say, I just really love music.

Then there are the songs that I am sort of embarrassed to love – but yet that doesn’t stop me from singing my heart out to them every single time I hear them on my iPod.

Do you have a music guilty pleasure?

You know that song that you secretly don’t like in front of your friends and pretend not to know the words to but then sing your heart out as loud as you can in your apartment when you are alone.

Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus is absolutely the one song that I love to hate.  What’s yours?

Have a great weekend.

Love Always,

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Friday Faves: The best movie musicals

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Product Details

Good Morning Loves.  Are you ever in the mood to sing like no one can hear you and dance like no one is watching? I am always in the mood to sing – even though I can’t carry a tune if my life depended on it.  So are you in a singing mood yet?

I love a good movie musical, actually I love watching musicals at the theater too.  I know that I could say my favourite musical is something really intelligent like Rent or Chicago, but that wouldn’t be true.  I like movie musicals that are fun, uplifting and make me smile like Mary Poppins.  If the musical is a Disney movie it makes it just that much better.

What is your favourite musical movie?


Product DetailsThere is nothing more that I can say other than Cher, a skinny Christina Aguilera, Cam Gigandet (aka Volchok from The O.C.) Peter Gallagher (aka Sandy Cohen from The O.C) and Stanley Tucci (LOVE HIM).  The story of one girls journey from a trailer park in Iowa to the big city of L.A in hopes of becoming a singer.



Pitch Perfect

Product DetailsI am not sure if this is actually a movie musical, but there is a lot of music and a lot of singing.  I could watch this movie starting Brittany Snow (John Tucker Must Die) and Anna Kendrick (Twilight).  I am not into the whole Glee-nation movement, but I love the movie Pitch Perfect.





Product DetailsThis is just an all around feel good movie about a fairy tale love.  It doesn’t help that hottie Patrick Dempsey is in it.  Oh and so is Amy Adams and I am starting to really like her.  This movie musical takes place in NYC and what can be better than singing in Central Park?




Love Always,

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Friday Faves: The best worst movies of all time

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Good morning Loves.  Are you ever in the mood to watch a movie but you don’t want to think too much about the story line or your are too emotionally unstable for a lot of drama? Hands in the air if you have ever been in this type of movie mood.  You can’t see me but my hand is up – actually both hands are in the air.

Sometimes I just want to watch a movie to relax – I don’t want to think or cry or contemplate my place in the world.  This is when I go to my best worst movie collection…and I’m not ashamed to say it.  Just like The Real Housewives of…anything are my bad TV vice, watching bad movies is the way that I like to spend my Friday nights.

These are my 3 fave best worst movies of all time:

Adventures in Babysitting

Product DetailsLove, love, love this movie.  It’s about exactly what you think it is…babysitting.  I know what you’re thinking…BOR-ING. But that’s not true.  It’s not a super great movie, but it starts Elisabeth Shue, it’s fun and the story keeps on going until the very predictable end. I mean how many things can go wrong in one night of babysitting? I guess you’ll just have to watch and see.



Big Trouble in Little China

Product DetailsThe monstrous underworld of Chinatown in New York City, and I do mean monsters.  Starring Kurt Russell and Kim Cattrall, before she was Samantha on Sex and the City. Action, martial arts and crazy Asian monsters, what could be better?





Product DetailsOh yes based on the board game. Starring Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd. I have been watching this movie almost every week since I was a kid.  I just love it.  The ending will make you want to rewind and watch again to see if you can pick up the clues to solve the mystery…who did it, where and with what? Let me give you a hint…it was not Ms. Scarlett in the bathroom with the baseball bat.

Did your favourite bad movie make the list?

Love Always,



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Friday Faves: Must see summer movies

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Good morning Loves.  Well, it’s Labour Day weekend and as much as I don’t want to admit that summer is over I have to face the fact that in a few days September will be here.

What is your favourite thing about summer? Mine is great summer movies.

Absolutey The Best Summer Movie:

2 Guns.  This movie stars Denzel Washington and Marky Mark, it’s no secret that I love a good Mark Wahlberg movie and 2 Guns doesn’t disappoint.  It’s hands down the best movie I have seen all summer – maybe all year – and I can’t wait until the DVD comes out. If you want action with a little bit of comedy and two really hot guys then go see 2 Guns.

Pee in Your Pants Funny:

The To Do List. Ah to be back in the 90s – scrunchies for your hair, ghetto blasters for your music and total innocence when it comes to sex.  That’s all the info I am going to give, just in case you haven’t seen it yet.  If you grew up in the 90s then grab your girlfriends and go see The To Do List.  It starts Rachel Bilson and now little “Summer Roberts” is all grown up.

Really funny, but too long:

The Heat.  Is a really funny movie starring two awesome actresses…Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, but it was a bit too long.  I love going to the movies but storylines that drag out drive me crazy.  These two ladies shine in this comedy about two cops with very different styles and work ethics.  When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I thought to myself “OH NO not another comedy where Sandra Bullock plays an FBI agent.” But I went to see The Heat anyways and I’m glad that I did.  Not too predictable, but just a bit too long.

Good But Not Great:

The Smurfs 2.  I waited a month after this movie was released to go and see it to make sure that there were no kids in the theatre to interrupt my movie experience with their taking, screaming and crying.  I really liked The Smurfs 2 movie, but I didn’t love it.  There wasn’t enough Neil Patrick Harris and there wasn’t enough of the Smurf song.  Yes, you know the one…La La, La La La La smurfin’ all day long.

Ok now enjoy your day with the Smurf song in your head.

Happy long Labour Day weekend.

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Friday Faves: What’s your favourite summer song?

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Hello Loves and Happy Friday.

Today was hot and sunny and the perfect way to celebrate the first day of summer. As I listened to my iPod at work today I started thinking about how music can remind us about a particular time in our lives. There will always be that one song that reminds you of a breakup, the one song that makes you want to cry because you miss someone you lost and the one song that makes you want to dance like you are 13 years old again.

Today I sent out a question on Twitter asking people what’s your favourite summer song? Here’s what people are saying (or should I say typing) so far:

- Summer Love by Justin Timberlake (heard it on my iPod today)

- Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg (that’s mine)

- All Summer Long by Kid Rock (another excellent choice)

- Hot in Herre by Nelly (aaahhh the memories)

What do you think? What’s your favourite summer party song?

Before you go – Enter our giveaway to win a box full of makeup and cosmetics

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Love Always,

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Welcome Back to me and The Fast & Furious

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Well hello my loves. I finally got my laptop back after being at the repair shop for a week and although my computer is now virus free and all up to date I have some really bad news.  The repair man (allegedly by mistake) wiped out my entire hard drive aka my entire life.  It’s so weird that a computer can mean so much to one person but honestly, I feel like a blank page without my personal hard drive.

Everything that I owned and everything in my life that meant something to me was wiped clean, not even my desktop picture is the same.  All of my personal pictures, tax information, favourite websites and five years of my writing work…all vanished into computer repair air. That’s right my book and everything else that I was working on no longer exists.  I honestly don’t even know how to start rebuilding my portfolio, how to remember all of my thoughts and how to put a price on all of my past publications. It’s as if I didn’t have a life up until now, my new technological life starts today. Thanks for listening.

I haven’t been up to much since the last time I wrote a diary entry, except that I saw The Fast & Furious 6 twice.  Oh yes that’s right, the movie has been out for two weeks and I have already seen it two times. I am a huge fan of the Fast & Furious movies, if I remember correctly I saw the second movie three times in movie theatres.  I mean honestly how can any movie with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel be bad?!?! If you add a little Ludacris without his shirt and The Rock in a tight t-shirt into the mix it’s all good.

I definitely don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone so all I am going to say is that if you love action, good fights, fast cars and hot guys you have to go and see this movie…at least once.

OK I will say a few more things, don’t worry you can keep reading…NO SPOILER ALERT HERE…I promise. (I know I am infamous for spoiling movies and TV shows but this is not one of those times).

3 secrets of The Fast & Furious 6

1. Eva Mendez is not in the movie.

2. There will be a Fast & Furious 7.

3. Keep watching after the credits for a secret scene.

Ok that’s it. Enjoy the movie!  It’s good to be back online and writing in My Diary Entry. Check back later this week for my Friday Faves and my absolute favourite song right now. Can you guess what it is? If you follow me on Twitter I bet you can!

Love Always,

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Personal Confession: I heart Beverly Hills 90210

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Good morning Loves. For the last two months I have not been doing much of anything because I hurt my back and I have been laying in bed for what seems like forever (but that’s a whole other story).  In an effort to stay “busy” I have been blowing up the Twitter-verse with daily status updates about my Beverly Hills 90210 marathon.

I am currently on season 3 of the original 90210 series and I am absolutely loving it. Watching television series and movies from my youth brings me back to a simpler time. It brings me back to a time without bills and a time when nothing really mattered except my friends, my schoolwork and making it home before curfew aka before the street lights came on.

I loved the 90s and if you did too then you are probably a big fan of Beverly Hills 90210. Do you ever wonder what Brenda and Brandon Walsh are doing now? Well have no fear, look what I found…

- Kelly Taylor aka Jenny Garth married and divorced Carlisle Cullen, oh yes the vampire dad from Twilight. She also starred in a series with Amanda Bynes called What I Like About You – it was actually a really funny series.

- Steve Sanders aka Ian Ziering was on Dancing With The Stars.

- David Silver aka Brian Austin Green married Transformers hottie Megan Fox, not bad for the high school geek. PS – No he is not Vanilla Ice.

- Donna Martin aka Tori Spelling grew up to become Hollywood reality royalty. She has her own reality TV series with her husband and herd of kids. Every time I hear her name I still chant “Donna Martin Graduates. Donna Martin Graduates.”

- Brenda Walsh aka Shannen Doherty starred with Alyssa Milano in the supernatural series Charmed. Brenda Walsh was my favourite character. I always wanted to be her when I was in high school. I cut my hair like her and I bought clothes that she wore. It’s too bad she turned out to be such a crazy biatch in real life…apparently she is a huge diva.

Some cast members – such as Nat from the local 90210 restaurant the Peach Pit have appeared in the new 90210 series.

What is your favourite episode of Beverly Hills 90210?

My favourite episode is the one with Emily Valentine when the girls dress up and sing the song “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”.  It’s also the episode when Brenda and her bad boy boyfriend Dylan kiss and make up. I love Dylan.

The episode of Beverly Hills 90210 that always makes me cry is the one when Dylan’s fiancé Tony is murdered the night before their wedding. I always ball my eyes out when Dylan sees her wedding dress hanging on the closet door. If you haven’t seen the episode I suggest that you watch it – but not if you are already emotionally unstable because it’s a real tear jerker!

Love Always,

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