Friday Faves: 3 Killer Thigh Workouts

It’s Friday people!  Today I am writing to you with a lot of good news and I can’t wait to share so let’s get right into it.

1. I am happy to say that today marks the end of another great week at my new job, so that’s always good news.

2. I received my first book review from a fellow blogger and here is what As Green from Always the Planner has to say:

“I found A Better You to be a quick and very motivational read.  Tahnya Kristina gives you a ton of tips on how to get started and how to stay motivated.”

3. If you follow me on Twitter then you know that I have been looking for a killer thigh workout and after some love from my Tweeps I found 3 great thigh workouts.  Can you say HELLO Short Shorts!  Check them out and let me know which one is your fave.

- Hot Legs Sexy Butt Workout from – this is a killer workout.  It’s not fun because it’s hard work but you will feel great when you finish.  Actually that’s not true you will be sore but your thighs will thank you later.  Set 10 minutes aside, workout your thighs and then take a long warm bubble bath. PS – the motivation to get through this tough workout is to have a killer body like the girl in the video. Do this workout and you will look like that ——————————->>>>

- My Thighs are Dying! from Blogilates – this was the first workout that I tried and I liked it.  Cassy from Blogilates is fun and full of energy; she incorporates music with her at home workouts so that you have fun while working out.  This is not my all time favourite thigh workout but it’s not a bad way to spend 15 minutes.

- Gangnam Style Squat Challenge from Blogilates – I originally tried this workout because the music is fun and anything with a little bit of dancing can’t be so bad. I love this intense quick workout because I can always find 5 minutes in my day to blast away my thighs – especially while I dance to Gangnam Style.

4. Last but definitely not least, here are some of my favourite posts this week from my blogging friends:

- Daisy @ Add Vodka – Job Hopping & Generational Differences in Opinions About Careers (this is a fitting post considering the fact that I just left my decade long career and found my dream job)

- Rachel @ Running Rachel – Do You Give Your All? (really sit down and think about that for a moment. What did you set out to accomplish today? Did you put forth your best effort?)

- Carrie @ Careful Cents - Monthly Progress Report: Time to Make a Change (it is never too late to make changes in our lives and I honestly believe that. At 32 years old I finally decided that I didn’t want to be unhappy anymore and I started making changes.  You can read all about it in my new book)

Love Always.

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