Friday Faves: My favourite bloggers right now

Downtown Denver @ Night.

This year I was fortunate enough to attend two different blogging conferences, this was a new experience for me because I have never ever been to an overnight conference that wasn’t imposed by my 9-5 employer, aka I have never been to a conference that I actually wanted to attend.

This year I travelled to NYC for BlogHer12 and I travelled to Denver for FinCon12.  I met some great people; I discovered some amazing new products, and most of all I learned a lot about turning my blog into a business, aka my personal goal.  I am using My Diary Entry as a platform to share my thoughts, showcase my writing (talent), and promote my (soon to be finished) books.

Today I am sharing blog posts from some of my favourite bloggers that I discovered at BlogHer12 and FinCon12.  I hope that you love these bloggers as much as I do.

- Lyz Lenz @ – I met Lyz Lenz at BlogHer12 in NYC and she is totally awesome. If I had to describe Lyz in one word it would be “Fun”. I can relate to her writing because we are both girls who left our small towns in hopes of finding all of the bigger and better things that the world has to offer. OH and PS she isn’t wearing pants for a year. You can see a photo of us on my Facebook page @Tahnya Kristina.

- Cecily Kellogg @ – Cecily is a mother and wife who speaks her mind and doesn’t take any crap from anyone. During her panel at BlogHer12 she taught me how to value myself as a writer and how to present myself as a professional.  If I had to describe Cecily Kellogg in one word it would be “Outspoken”.

- Alli Worthington @ – Alli Worthington is a housewife turned media mogul. She is the co-founder of the very successful social media conference Blissdom, they recently started a Blissdom Canada conference in Toronto.  Alli is a typical southern belle and she is absolutely too cute for words. If I had to describe Alli in one word it would be “Ambitious”.

- Jenna Broomberg @ H& I had the pleasure of meeting Jenna at FinCon12 in Denver, Colorado.  Actually I met a couple of ladies at FinCon12 who represent H&R Block and they were all very friendly, professional, and easy going. If I had to describe the ladies from H&R Block in one word it would be “unordinary”. These ladies are young professionals who work for one of the biggest tax corporations in the country and yet they are not uptight, stuffy, or unapproachable. Actually it’s the total opposite, they are just normal ladies who work hard and like to have fun. Thanks to the ladies from H&R Block I was given the opportunity to write a guest post for H&R Block, you can read it here.

Love Always,

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