Friday Faves: Spanx, BlogHer12 & Boobs

Happy Friday Everyone.  I have been home from NYC for almost a week and I am still trying to recover from all of the BlogHer conference madness.  I always get sad whenever I get home from NYC because I go through New York withdrawal.  NYC is really one of the greatest cities in the world and I hope to live there someday, preferably someday very soon.

This is a special edition of My Friday Faves because it features one of my favourite childhood songs as I continue on with my Old School Friday Music Theme, and it also features some of my favourite posts from bloggers who I met last weekend in NYC at the BlogHer conference.  Enjoy!

Blogging Dangerously – He Didn’t Mean It

Uppercase Woman – On Being on the Blogging Fence: My Thoughts About BlogHer12

The Feminist Breeder – “Hey, Did You Call The Cops on Me?”

Alli Worthington – You Don’t Really Know What You’re Doing? Join the Club.

Lyz Lenz – A Love Poem For My Spanx

Harpers Happenings – Rewind: Happy Boobs

A Frog in My Soup – Carly’s Voice (an inspiring story)

Love Always,

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