Friday Faves: The top 4 attractions in Las Vegas

The primary reason for my trip to Las Vegas was to escape the cold Canadian winter because I had a little bit of time off while in between jobs.  But as an added bonus I went to a media/blogging conference while I was out there. Oh and I saw Dennis Rodman at Planet Hollywood…score!

If you follow me on Twitter – and I’m sure you do because you are awesome – you know that I had a great time in Vegas and you have already seen some of my pictures.  But for those of you who don’t (yet) follow me on Twitter or may have missed my tweet pics here you go!

Have a great weekend everyone; be sure to check My Diary on Monday for tips about how to feel skinner before you go to bed.

My 4 favorite things to do in Las Vegas:

1. The Shark Reef aquarium at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.  The cost is $18 for admission but it is totally worth it.  There are sharks, exotic fish, sting rays (which you can touch) and jellyfish.  There is even a komodo dragon and an anaconda to see.  You get to walk through an underground tunnel (yes just like the scene in Jaws 3 at Sea World) as the sharks swim over you and all around you.  It should definitely a must do on your Las Vegas list.

2. Peep Show at Planet Hollywood.  This is a Las Vegas show that turns your favourite fairy tales into a musical.  Little Bo Peep takes a journey through her dream as she is on a quest to find the perfect man.  With a little guidance from red riding hood and the three little pigs Little Bo Peep gets the confidence (and sexiness) she needs to find the man of her dreams.

This show stars Coco from the reality TV show Ice Loves Coco and Josh Strickland from the reality TV show Holly’s world.  PS – I sent Josh a tweet after the show and he actually tweeted me back! Tickets for this show usually start at $80 but I purchased mine for only $45 with Tix for Tonight. So I saw an amazing show at half price, thank you Las Vegas.  There is some partial nudity in Peep Show so brace yourself for that – it was a total shock to me!

3. Eli Roth’s Goretorium.  I went to this Las Vegas style haunted house because all conference attendees were offered a free ticket.  To my surprise it was really fun, of course it was scary but I had a good time as I screamed all the way through it.  The Goretorium is an interactive haunted house with live actors, a tour guide and news breaking real life Vegas story to set it all off.  The tour through the multi-storey haunted house takes approximately 30 minutes and I believe that the regular ticket price is $30.

4. The roller coaster at New York New York Hotel and Casino. This was a new attraction last time I was in Las Vegas and unfortunately I did not get a chance to ride it so this time I made a point to buy a ticket. It costs $14 to ride the roller coaster and if you want to ride it a second time in the same day the ticket is half price.  You have not seen Las Vegas until you have seen it from 1000 feet in the air. Good times!

Love Always.

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