Friday Faves: What do you love about winter?

It’s Friday and I am happy to say that the cold minus 43 degree weather has finally come to an end and I for one am very happy.  I know that I am Canadian and I should adapt to the weather changes from season to season but the truth is that I just don’t adapt very well.

The elements play a huge role in my personal mood and my ability to go outside, hang out with my friends and go to the grocery store.  I am happy that the extreme cold weather is finally over because I was running out of groceries; I finally ventured out to the grocery store – my belly and my fridge will be forever grateful.

I always wonder about the people who are walking slowly in the rain or during a snowstorm, I ask myself…do they know it’s cold? Maybe they do and they just don’t care because being wet or being cold just doesn’t bother them. Sometimes I wish I could be like that.

I love the idea of winter, I love how the whole city looks right after a fresh snowfall – it’s like a winter wonderland. I love looking at winter through the window inside my warm apartment but I hate being outside in the cold.

Before we go our separate ways for the weekend congratulations are in order for our recent giveaway winners, Congrats Ladies:

- Jennifer K won a complete workout outfit from PV Body

- MD won great hair styling products thanks to Bed Head and Revlon

We have more great giveaways coming your way so keep reading. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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