My New Mentality

I declare 2011 the year that I will change my life for the better.  I will start being happy with my choices and I will start loving my life.  In 2011 my entire outlook on life will change.  I will focus on my job.  I will be good at my job, but I will not add the self pressure of having to be great. 

In 2011 my career will be my focus, but not my personal priority.  I will enjoy my life outside of work because my happiness will be my personal priority.  For the past several years my whole personal identity has been about my job.

I acted, talked, dressed, and had an attitude of what I thought a young professional should have.  At the same time I did my best to rage against the mould of the corporate world because I was raised with a Pro Union Father.  I was brought up to believe that the corporate world was the enemy.  It is hard to find a personal identity between what I have grown up to know, and what I am currently learning.

I am also going to stop being so ambitious and try to take over the world of entrepreneurship.  I am going to have one job with one primary income.  I am going to enjoy my life because life isn’t always about money.  I used to say that we can never have enough money.  This may be true; but over the past two years I have learned that the exact opposite is also true. I have learned that we can also not have enough money.

My second chance at a career and financial happiness is greatly appreciated.  I am ready to make one final career change which will give me the strength to make other changes in my life.  On March 28 I will make the first change towards my new life, and hopefully the last career change for the rest of my life.  

In 2011 my money mentality is also going to change. All of my money will be saved or used to pay off debt.  There are two ways for us to have more money; the first is to earn more income, and the second is to cut out expenses.  I will cut my expenses to live a simpler life instead of the lifestyle that I have grown accustom to.  It was never the lifestyle for me; it was the lifestyle that I thought I a young professional should have.

It is awful to say but living with my boyfriend is an expense.  I am already to make my first change, which is a career change. Unfortunately, my next change may have to be a relationship change.  I would definitely save a lot of money if I didn’t live with my boyfriend.  I will be lonely and sad to be without him, but I will be better off financially.

I have to accept the fact that for the time being I am in Montreal, I also have to accept the fact that I have been here for 10 years.  I am no longer a visitor, I am a resident.  I always planned to go back to Ontario, and therefore I have never fully settled in to Montreal.  I will eventually be somewhere else but for the time being, I am here.

In 2011 I am going to be happy with what I have, and not always want more.  It is good to have goals, but expectations can only lead to disappointment.  My old goals have also changed with my new mentality.

I will not be travelling to Portugal this year. I will focus on saving and paying off debt.  Being debt free and without the financial burden will make me happy, extremely happy.

I am not moving to New York City.  Now that I have a plan for my life in Montreal I hope for NYC a little bit less.  I will always love New York, and if life takes me there someday so be it, but that day is not today. 

I have stopped working on Madam Creative Services and I have shut down  I gave it a good try and it was something to occupy my time; it wasn’t exactly a business adventure.

I know its cliché, but today is officially the first day of the rest of my life.

11 thoughts on “My New Mentality

  1. I know that the main parts of peoples lives that need to be changed are their relationships at home and their lives at work. I believe having a positive attitude is very practical, it just makes life better. Very good blog!

      • Hi Keesha,

        Thank you for your kind words. (Unfortunately) I have lived through some awful experiences and sharing helps me deal with it all. I feel the need to share as a means of self therapy. Currently I am writing for myself but I hope to be a professional some day. I am not a psychologist or anything like that. Actually I work in personal finance.

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