My 2013 Goals: Freelance Writing, $20K & 120 lbs

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Good Morning Loves. Last week I published a post about the one thing that I am not going to do this year and it suddenly dawned on me that I didn’t tell everyone about my personal goals and resolutions for 2013.

I have vowed not to wake up early and make the most out of my mornings in 2013 because I truly believe that there is nothing you can do at 8 am that you can’t do at 2 pm.

I received some emails and Twitter comments wondering why I am only setting personal goals of things that I don’t want to do in 2013 instead of listing all the things that I want to accomplish this year.

If you read My Diary Entry on a regular basis you know that I am a huge planner (some may even say OCD) and I am a big fan of lists.

So here it is…my list of things to do in 2013.

Money Goals:

1. Save $15,000: That’s $1250 per month and so far I am on track

2. Earn $20,000 from my freelance writing income: That’s $1667 per month but the problem is that freelance writing does not always provide a steady income. Just to give you an idea of my freelance writing income from past years I earned $7,800 in 2011 and $14,500 in 2012. More to come next week on how I am going to achieve my freelance writing income goal this year.

Career Goals:

1. Start a professional website for my freelance writing services: This is my current priority, I am deciding between or Pen and Paper Communications –what do you think?

2. Become an active member of an online blogging network: A network will help promote and grow this blog to be the best that it can be. I am leaning towards BlogHer, Yakezie or Clever Member – are you a member of a blog network?

3. Find a publisher for my first book A Better You and get it in stores:  I want to travel and speak at schools, workshops and conferences to help people find their dream job, earn more income, become debt free and find personal happiness. I did it and I want to help people do it too.

Fitness Goals:

1. Reach my goal weight by July 31: This year I started exercising on a regular basis and I absolutely love it.  My entire outlook on life has changed and I am a happier person.

2. Join an online fitness community: The only way to keep fit and have fun is to have a support system. I am leaning towards Fit Fluential – any other suggestions?

What are your goals for 2013?

Love Always,

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Bye Bye 2012 and Happy New Year!

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In a few hours 2012 will be over and the New Year will begin.  I don’t have big plans tonight but in 2 days I am off to awesome Las Vegas – I can’t wait to get out of this cold/snowy weather. I have just about had it with winter and it’s only December.

I have to admit that I am extremely sad to see 2012 go because it was a great year for me.  I finally finished my first book (A Better You is on sale now!) and I am only a few days away from getting my dream job (more to come on that).  I was also fortunate enough to travel several times this year – I went to NYC twice, I travelled to Denver and most recently I went to Boston.  All and all 2012 was a great year and I am looking forward to 2013.

As a Christmas gift from my BF I got a one year subscription to SELF Magazine and after only 1 issue I am totally loving it (Did you get the JT/Mc Donald’s reference?).  I can’t believe that I lived 32 years without ever reading SELF Magazine, it’s ok because now I am totally hooked and I am going to make up for lost time.

In the December issue SELF Magazine published a year-in-review article that I think is great.  It’s kind of like a diary entry to reflect on all of the great things (or not so great things) that happened to you this year.  Since I am a big fan of diary entries (hint hint wink wink) I felt the need to share.

So check it out, fill in the blanks and tell me…how was your 2012? My answers are below in bold.

- In 2012, I finally chucked my silver necklace that was so old it was changing colour. I’ll never tell youhow long I had it.

- The most delicious thing I ate in 2012 was Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago.

- Last year, my best friends were my biggest fan. Thanks, boo! (you know who you are ladies)

- Because I rocked and published my first book last year, in 2013 I wil treat myself to a week in Las Vegas.

- Too bad the song Diva by Beyonce can’t start playing when I walk into a room.

- The nicest thing someone said to me last year was “your butt looks awesome in those jeans”.

- I was scared when I went to get my annual check up at the doctor. But I did it anyway.

- This year I will reserve more time for exercise.

Love Always,


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