Friday Faves: 3 Killer Thigh Workouts

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It’s Friday people!  Today I am writing to you with a lot of good news and I can’t wait to share so let’s get right into it.

1. I am happy to say that today marks the end of another great week at my new job, so that’s always good news.

2. I received my first book review from a fellow blogger and here is what As Green from Always the Planner has to say:

“I found A Better You to be a quick and very motivational read.  Tahnya Kristina gives you a ton of tips on how to get started and how to stay motivated.”

3. If you follow me on Twitter then you know that I have been looking for a killer thigh workout and after some love from my Tweeps I found 3 great thigh workouts.  Can you say HELLO Short Shorts!  Check them out and let me know which one is your fave.

- Hot Legs Sexy Butt Workout from – this is a killer workout.  It’s not fun because it’s hard work but you will feel great when you finish.  Actually that’s not true you will be sore but your thighs will thank you later.  Set 10 minutes aside, workout your thighs and then take a long warm bubble bath. PS – the motivation to get through this tough workout is to have a killer body like the girl in the video. Do this workout and you will look like that ——————————->>>>

- My Thighs are Dying! from Blogilates – this was the first workout that I tried and I liked it.  Cassy from Blogilates is fun and full of energy; she incorporates music with her at home workouts so that you have fun while working out.  This is not my all time favourite thigh workout but it’s not a bad way to spend 15 minutes.

- Gangnam Style Squat Challenge from Blogilates – I originally tried this workout because the music is fun and anything with a little bit of dancing can’t be so bad. I love this intense quick workout because I can always find 5 minutes in my day to blast away my thighs – especially while I dance to Gangnam Style.

4. Last but definitely not least, here are some of my favourite posts this week from my blogging friends:

- Daisy @ Add Vodka – Job Hopping & Generational Differences in Opinions About Careers (this is a fitting post considering the fact that I just left my decade long career and found my dream job)

- Rachel @ Running Rachel – Do You Give Your All? (really sit down and think about that for a moment. What did you set out to accomplish today? Did you put forth your best effort?)

- Carrie @ Careful Cents - Monthly Progress Report: Time to Make a Change (it is never too late to make changes in our lives and I honestly believe that. At 32 years old I finally decided that I didn’t want to be unhappy anymore and I started making changes.  You can read all about it in my new book)

Love Always.

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A Second Chance at a Healthy Life

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Dear Diary,

After 32 years of being unhappy with my appearance and eating whatever food I wanted to in an effort to try and feel the void of personal happiness I have finally decided to make the conscious decision to start living a healthy life.

Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle are two very different things with one common goal – to be a happier person. Eating healthy can help you lose weight and prevent several severe medical conditions. Eating healthy can help you be happy on both the outside as well as on the inside. Living a healthy lifestyle is purely beneficial to your medical health. Exercising on a regular basis helps prevent several medical conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol and unhealthy high blood pressure.

The only way that people can lose weight is to burn off more calories in a day then they take in.  There are two ways to do this, people can eat less food and intake fewer calories or they can eat what they want and exercise to burn off the excess calories. I have decided to do both. I have been living an unhealthy lifestyle for so long that I don’t know the first thing about making positive changes in my life to be healthier and happier so I need a little bit of help.

3 Healthy Living Tools to Help Me Lose Weight

Jenny Craig.  I am learning about setting personal goals and controlling my food portions with Jenny Craig.  It is truly amazing how much food we eat compared to how much food we should be eating. I am trying to change my personal mentality to think of food as a means to stay healthy and give me energy throughout the day as oppose to something to drown my sorrows and celebrate my victories. I am learning that people don’t have to starve themselves to be on a diet and this is good news for me because I love eating.

Lose It. I am learning about suitable daily calorie intakes for my personal goal weight with I used to eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted because I thought that food made me happy, but this is not true. I now live on a 1100 calorie diet per day and believe me when you only have a limited number of calories to eat you will make sure you cherish them. I am cutting out carbs and sugar from my diet.  I am also trying to drink less caffeine and drink a lot more water throughout the day. I am not going to lie, tracking every single piece of food that you eat throughout the day is a huge pain in the a$$, but no one said that losing weight would be easy.

Blogilates.  I am learning that exercise can be both fun and beneficial with Blogilates. I want to work out with Blogilates because their workout clothes are cute and their workout routines are inspiring…and you can do them all in the comfort of your own home.  I want to be happy with my physical appearance and I don’t want to worry about my health as I get older. This is why exercising is beneficial for both my outsides as well as my insides.

Love Always,

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The Top 5 Calorie Burning At Home Workouts

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TRAIN INSANE or Remain the Same Fitted Hoodie

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I am trying to lose weight by making healthier eating choices and by trying to exercise on a regular basis. I prefer to work out in the comfort of my own home because it saves both time and money. I know that many people prefer to work out at a gym because they feel it’s an overall better total body workout, but that is not necessarily true.

I discovered Blogilates today

I recently discovered a very helpful website called Blogilates.  Just as Yogalates (Hello O.C. fans) is a combination of yoga and Pilates, Blogilates is a combination of Pop Pilates and Blogging. Blogilates is a fun website that actually makes me want to work out. It is full of kick-ass workout videos (including the Victoria’s Secret model workout), nutritional meal plans (veggie friendly) and healthy recipes.

Cassy Ho is the creator Blogilates; she is also the creator of oGorgeous which sells work out apparel and Pilates accessories. When you visit Blogilates and you see Cassy Ho’s killer body you will also want to work out.

Work out at home with Blogilates

Of course you can take yoga or a Pilates class, but why would you when you can work out in the comfort of your own home? It is a fitness myth that people can only get a good workout at a gym. Blogilates recently published a helpful chart which tells you how many calories you can burn with different types of exercises based on your current body weight.  Surprise! Surprise! The workouts that burn the most calories can actually be done in the comfort of your own home.

Check out these calorie burning at-home-workouts (based on 140 lbs.)

1. Running at a pace of 10 minutes per mile burns 315 calories. You can run on an outdoor track at a local high school or college and you can also run outside around your neighbourhood.  It is a calorie burning workout and you don’t have to go to the gym.

2. Swimming burns 305 calories. If you are lucky enough to have access to a pool then you can take full advantage of a calorie burning total body workout.  If you have an injury then swimming can be a very cautious and weight less (aka strain-free) workout.

3. Circuit Weight Training burns 252 calories. You don’t have to join a gym or pay for a personal trainer if you want to get a muscle-building workout. Workout DVDs can be purchased on eBay for around $10, which is a fraction of the cost of a monthly gym membership. I love The Biggest Loser Workout DVD.

4. Bicycling moderately burns 252 calories.  Working out at home doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be in your home, it can also include working out outside.  Working out at home just means not working out at a gym.

5. Walking fast burns 161 calories.  If you want to get outside and get some fresh air then put on your workout shoes and go for a walk. Walking around your neighbourhood can help you discover new stores, shops and restaurants…and it’s a calorie burning workout.

Love Always,

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At Home Workouts for Germ-a-phobics like me

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Good Morning Everyone. It’s time for the next post in my “Save  Yourself. Skip the Gym.” series.  This is a blog post series all about the benefits of working out and the decision to change our daily habits in order to live a healthier lifestyle.  I am on a personal mission to make healthier choices in my life; I want to exercise at home on a regular basis and I really want to change my eating habits.

It’s not my first time

In the past I have tried a variety of diets in order to lose weight such as replacing my meals with nutritious (but not delicious) shakes twice a day as well as eating only soup for two weeks.  I have also tried a variety of exercise routines such as working out one on one with a personal trainer and lifting weights in the rain during a boot camp class, but unfortunately none of these diets or exercise routines have initiated a permanent change in my lifestyle.

Trying to make healthier choices has been a challenge in the past because between working my 9 to 5 job and trying to build my own business as a freelance writer I am very busy. I definitely want to exercise at least three times a week, but I don’t really have a lot of free time to spend travelling to and from the gym every day.  The key to my success is trying to find an exercise routine that is effective but doesn’t take away from my regular job or my own business. I need to find an exercise routine that fits into my busy lifestyle because if my exercise routine doesn’t disrupt my life then I am more likely to stick with it.

Working out at a gym doesn’t work for me

I don’t like exercising at a gym because it is expensive, time consuming and gyms are full of germs.  A public gym is a warm room full of sweaty people; we all know that sweaty people are not clean and that germs cultivate in warm temperatures. I prefer to skip the gym in order to save myself from contracting some type of incurable disease.  If you don’t like germs but you do enjoy the social aspect of working out at a gym then I recommend taking a yoga class.  Doing yoga in a public studio or at a gym is ok because you aren’t touching any public services, your area is confined to your own yoga mat.

I had no idea where to find good at-home-workouts so I asked my friends on Twitter; I wanted to know when, where and how they exercise at home.  Through the wonders of social media I discovered an awesome website called Blogilates which encourages women to work out on a regular basis through making exercise fun, entertaining and interactive. I also discovered three great Yoga DVDs and just like that my “Save Yourself. Skip the Gym.” personal mission was born.

I hope that you join me along my personal journey towards saving myself and skipping the gym by exercising at home with Yoga, weight training and Pilates.

Love Always,

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