Happy Thanksgiving – Win a Starbucks Gift Card

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Good morning Loves and Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadian friends. Today families all over the country are sitting down to celebrate and give thanks for all the great things in their lives.

I love Thanksgiving for so many reasons and this year I have a lot to be thankful for.  Of course with everything else in my life I want to share all of these awesome things with you.

And I’m hoping that you will tell me one thing that you are thankful for because it’s always good to share the love – if you do you could win a $10 Starbucks gift card.

I am thankful to be Canadian and I am thankful for all my friends south of the border, so all Canadians and Americans are welcome to enter to win the Starbucks gift card!

I love Thanksgiving because…

It’s in October and Fall is my favourite season.  The colours are gorgeous, the chilly sweater weather is still fresh and of course my birthday is in October.

Of all the great fruits and veggies that come with Thanksgiving.  Apples, pumpkin, pecans and squash – what’s not to love about all that?

There is totally yummy food.  I am a vegetarian so turkey is out of the question for me, but I love everything that comes with a turkey dinner such as cream corn, mashed potatoes and gravy and warm bread rolls. Oh and who can forget the apple cobbler and pumpkin pie – Yum!

Fall brings back the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks.  Hence the giveaway.  I absolutely love Starbucks and my favourite hot beverage is the Pumpkin Spice Latte – my fave cold drink is a Caramel Frappuccino.

This year I am thankful for…

My boyfriend.  We had a really great year and I’m happy to have him in my life.

My 9 to 5 job.  This year I made the switch from financial planning in a bank branch to a senior analyst in corporate communications.  I wanted to be a full time writer and now I am.

My own freelance business.  I love having my own business because it lets me do what I love – write and be creative.  It also gives me extra cash to travel and I am always thankful for a good vacation.

Tell me what you are thankful for this year and you could win a $10 Starbucks gift card.

Leave a comment below, the winner will be chosen Friday October 25. Good Luck!

Love Always,

All photos by me. Available on Flickr

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Friday Faves: My favo(u)rite Canadians

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Good morning Loves.  Last weekend I went to the Canadian Personal Finance Conference in Toronto and I had a great time.  I currently live in Montreal, but Toronto will always be where my heart is.  I love Toronto as a city and the people are absolutely amazing.  There are gorgeous buildings, great food and there’s always something to do.

5 amazing Canadians that I met last weekend in Toronto:

Nelson @ Financial Uproar

Krystal @ Give Me Back My Five Bucks

Kerry @ Squawk Fox

Cait @ Blonde on a Budget

Vanessa @ Vanessa’s Money

If you are looking for straightforward opinions mixed in with a little bit of humor and a whole lot of excitement then these Canadians are for you!

Love Always,

I can’t let it go and neither should you. Pro-rape is NOT OK in Canadian Universities.

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Good morning Loves. Last week I wrote about a news story that is making headlines all across the country.  The videos of students on university campuses at UBC in British Columbia and St. Mary’s University in Nova Scotia singing pro-rape chants hit the media with a storm.

As a blogger, as a Canadian, as a female University graduate and as a journalism graduate I have to say that I am extremely disgusted at how the Canadian media has handled this whole situation.

It’s not OK with me that students are singing about raping their fellow students on university campuses from coast to coast, it’s not OK that universities are not stepping in to stop the songs, videos and publicity of this public display of ignorance, and it’s certainly NOT OK that the Canadian media just says “OH WELL students are stupid and that’s that.”

Why I can’t just let it go

As Canadians we are usually very quiet people – except where there’s beer involved.  We don’t like to cause a ruckus.  When our government is caught in a political scandal we don’t publicize it in a media frenzy like our neighbours to the south, we just state the facts in a newspaper article, then recycle the paper under our daily ads and move on with our lives, never to speak of the subject again.  Well I guess I am not a true Canadian because I can’t do that, not this time!

This topic is near and dear to my heart because I am Canadian, I am female and I graduated from a Canadian University.  Moving away from my family to a new province, in a new city, where I had to make a whole new group of friends was hard enough at 18 years old.  I could never even imagine meeting a cute young boy, trusting him with my new life in a new city and then having my trust broken when he violated me against my own will.  Nope, I couldn’t even imagine that scenario.

I also couldn’t imagine not feeling safe inside a classroom or on a university campus.  I worked full time during my four years of university and I often walked home in the dark after evening and night classes.  I couldn’t imagine having to stress about my homework, upcoming assignments, getting good grades, paying rent and then worry about being attacked and raped by a fellow student on my way home every night.  Nope, I couldn’t even imagine it.

What should their punishment be – You choose!

Of course we can continue to examine this situation and ask ourselves “What kind of homes were these kids raised in that they were taught to think that rape is ok?”  We can ask ourselves “Why did university administrators, older students and members of the board of directors let these videos hit the internet?” and we can definitely ask ourselves “What the hell is going on in Canada that we, as the public with a voice, are not speaking out against these students?”

We can ask ourselves all these questions, but that is not going to change the fact that it happened and now the whole country knows about it.  What we have to do now is look into the future.

Let’s look at the facts…

We know these ignorant students publically declared they feel rape is OK.

We know that students are willing to force themselves onto  young girls

What does this mean?

This means that Canadian universities can expect a slew of violent crimes in the upcoming semester.  So now what are we (as the public), you (as  university administrators) and the police (as the law enforcement) going to do to current pro-rape students to send the message to future students that rape is NOT OK, EVER!

This is what I think should happen to students who declare a pro-rape attitude:

1. Kicked out of university – without a tuition refund

2. Not allowed acceptance to another university for at least 4 years – until they grow up and see that their words are hurtful, they are creating fear and their opinion is harmful to other students

3. Mandatory counselling to understand why their words and beliefs are not ok

4. Maybe they should spend some time in jail to hear stories of first degree rape or maybe they should be forced to watch a video of someone being raped so that they fully understand how serious a violent crime is

What do you think – How should we punish students with violent mentalities who could be future criminals?

Love Always,

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Just say NO because Pro-rape is NOT OK

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Good morning Loves.  Today we are talking about a serious topic that has been featured in every newspaper since the beginning of the fall school semester.  My Diary Entry is all about girls and women trying to love life and learning to love ourselves – but how can we do that when other people (by other people I mean young boys and grown men) take advantage of us just because they are stronger, bigger or more powerful?  I really can’t believe that our society has come to this, but it has and it’s NOT OK. We as Canadians, as women and as educated members of society need to take a stand and address the subject…so let’s talk about it.

We need to keep our girls safe

Canadian universities have been under the hot spotlight recently when videos of students chanting PRO-Rape songs were leaked on to the internet. OH YES you read that right.  These young students were not protesting against rape on university campuses, they were not trying to protect their fellow female students and make it safer for girls on university campuses across the country.  These stupid students were actually singing all about the reasons why rape is OK.

I thankfully never had to live through that scenario during my four years at Concordia University in Montreal, but if I had lived through such an awful experience I am sure that my life would be a lot different right now.

I saw a commercial on TV that says 1 in 3 young women will be sexually abused or assaulted in her life.  I am thankful to be a part of the 66% of girls who were fortunate enough to have grown up in a safe environment, but my heart goes out to the other 33% who were not as fortunate.

What ever happened to – treat others as you want to be treated.  If these young men don’t want to have their bodies violated by someone who is stronger than them, why on earth are they admitting that they are willing to violate young girls?  It just doesn’t make any sense.

There are no excuses

I am not even sure that 18 year olds fully understand what they are saying, I am not sure that these boys actually understand that they are saying it’s ok to force a girl to have sex, violate her body and commit a crime.  But that’s not an excuse because rape – in any scenario, way, shape or form – is NOT OK.

Newspapers such as the National Post and the Globe and Mail  (which I am both a huge fan of) stated that maybe young freshman are joining in the Pro-Rape chants and cheers because they are trying to fit in on their new campus.  But that is also not an excuse because trying to fit in with a group of new friends should never be at the expense and safety of other students.  As I was reading the stories in both newspapers all I could think was “Jesus Christ, this is NOT OK!”

Just in case my point isn’t clear – violence is NEVER OK.  If you wouldn’t punch someone in the face for no reason, if you wouldn’t point a gun to someone’s head and pull the trigger than you also shouldn’t rape innocent students.  Rape is violent and violence is NEVER OK.

Come on Canadians – we can do better than this!

The question to ask is not “Why are these students so stupid?” the real question to ask is “What are universities going to do about it?”

Love Always,

Photo by Photo by DOE

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Friday Faves: Bizarre Facts about Canada

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Good Morning Loves and Happy Friday.  It’s Victoria Day weekend up here in Canada and that means on Monday morning I don’t have to wake up to my alarm clock.  When Monday comes around I can sleep in, wake up at my leisure and watch The Price is Right…I love that game show.

This week I saw an interesting post on MSN and I wanted to share with you.

Check out these bizarre facts about the great country that we call Canada…

- We harvest icebergs on the east coast (anyone else thinking about the movie Titanic?)

- We built a UFO landing pad

- The majority of the world’s caesium is in Manitoba (What is caesium and can we sell it?)

- We have the world’s safest highways for animals (LOL good to know!)

- We are the country that consumes more macaroni and cheese than any other country on earth

- Our national park in Alberta is larger than the country of Switzerland

- We host an annual bathtub race in Vancouver (Bathtubs with motors?!?!)

- Peterborough, Ontario is the canoe capital of the world (Of course it is.)

Some interesting but not so bizarre facts about Canada…

- We invented basketball

- The telephone was invented in Canada – and so was the electric stove

- 35 years ago we had mail delivered on Saturdays

- Canada is the second largest country in the world – after Russia

- We have the longest coastline in the world – over 150,000 miles (How many kms is that?)

Happy Victoria Day Weekend!

Love Always,

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