My Wish List and Holiday Shopping Tips

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(The Christmas Tree at The Quincy Market in Boston)

The holiday season is in full swing and that means that shoppers are browsing various websites and shopping malls in order to find the perfect gift for everyone on their holiday list. I personally love shopping, but even I need to plan a holiday shopping strategy. I like to plan my holiday shopping in order to make sure that I don’t go crazy and also to make sure that I remember to buy gifts for all of my loved ones.

I used to love browsing through shopping malls during the holidays while I enjoyed looking at the festive decorations and listening to the cheerful music; but in recent years as I have grown more impatient in crowds I have discovered the world of online shopping.

Shop Online to Save Time and Money

I enjoy online shopping because it is fast, it’s easy and I can do it from the comfort of my own home – I can even do it in the comfort of my own pyjamas, if I wish to do so. I also enjoy online shopping because it’s one stop shopping for all of my gifting needs.  When I shop with one website I can get gifts for everyone on my list, only pay one shipping cost (or have the fee waived with a minimum purchase amount) and I can have all of the gifts delivered right to my doorstep. Easy. Breezy!

Earn Cash Back and Even Shop at the Last Minute

Shopping online with a cash back or discount website is the gift that keeps on giving. When you shop on a cash back website you can buy gifts for all of your loved ones and you will get cash back in your pocket for all of your purchases. Some online websites offer express shipping and overnight shipping for all of those last minute holiday shoppers.  It seems as if shopping at the last minute will be a little bit more bearable if you don’t have to wait in line at stores and deal with crowds in a shopping mall.

This year My Wish List Includes:

- New Flannel Pyjamas (no one-sies please)

- The book “Dare Me” by Megan Abbott

- Just Dance 4 for my Wii

What is on your Wish List this year?

Love Always,

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Friday Faves: A holiday gift guide with a few of my favourite things

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Good Morning Everyone.  Today I am sharing some very cool items and places that I discovered over the past few weeks. I am usually not the type of girl who likes to try new things, but over the past few weeks I have read a great book, I tried a new workout DVD, I discovered a delicious new snack, discovered a new website and I went to a new city.  I love the fact that I discovered a whole bunch of great new items and places so I just felt the need to share.  If you are looking for a unique gift idea this holiday season may I suggest buying one of my new favourite things.  Have a great weekend. Enjoy!

For the reader on your list:

Dare Me by Megan Abbott and White Girl Problems by Babe Walker

Dare Me: A Novel White Girl Problems

For the yoga lover on your list:

Skinnygirl Yoga from Bethenny Frankel

For the girl who loves to snack:

Skinnygirl On-The-Go Bars

For the workout girl:

Sign Up at PV Body for great deals on workout gear.


For the one who loves to travel:

Go to Boston.



Love Always,

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Friday Faves: Taylor Swift, Home Security & Christmas

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( A little Taylor Swift to start your Friday night. I totally love this song)

Happy Friday Everyone.  This has been a crazy busy week for me but in a good way; hopefully I will have some exciting news to share with you next week.  I hope that you are all enjoying your Black Friday shopping.  Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy these great posts from my blogging friends.

- So Over This – Home Security: 4 Tips Every Single Woman Can Practice

- Young and Thrifty – 4 Strategies for Effective Workplace Communication

- Add Vodka – How to Juggle it All – Tips from an Overachiever

- How’s Married Life – How to Make Your Christmas Budget Go Further

Love Always,

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Friday Faves: Bon Jovi, Tony Danza and Christmas

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Happy Friday Everyone. I am super excited to tell you that as of tomorrow at noon I will be the proud owner of Bon Jovi tickets for the show in Montreal on February 13, 2013. I love Bon Jovi but I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know who he was until I saw him on Sex & the City.

My thoughts go out to everyone who has experienced the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.  I hope that you are all ok. We are getting a lot of rain and a lot of strong winds up here in Montreal.  It’s cold and rainy outside, so why not stay inside and read some great blog posts?

Don’t forget to enter The Blogger Book Giveaway for your chance to win 3 great new books from my fellow bloggers. Speaking of great books, has anyone read White Girl Problems by Babe Walker? I am reading it right now and it’s totally a great book.  Full of funny dialogue and real life situations that everyone can relate to. The review will be out soon.

I will be inside this weekend staying warm and reading my book. What are you doing this weekend?

Here are my favourite posts this week from some of my lovely lady blogger friends:

- Add Vodka – How To Avoid Premature Wrinkles (P.S. I love the new website design)

- Blonde on a Budget – Cait’s Christmas Gift Card Giveaway (just in time for the holidays, I already entered)

- Serendipity’s Guide – Someday Dream – Owning A Small Business (motivation for everyone)

- The Bloggess – Hold me closer, Tony Danza (I am in the middle of writing a post about how jealous I am, it will be up on Thursday)

Love Always,

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