A Smart and Sexy Giveaway Just For You!

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One Lucky Reader will Win All These Gifts.

Good Morning Everyone.

Today I have some great news, My Diary Entry is hosting another giveaway.  Actually it’s an existing giveaway that I decided to upgrade.  Do you remember the Sexy Giveaway from Eden Fantasys? Well I decided to upgrade it to The Smart and Sexy Giveaway.  You now have a chance to win some of my swag from BlogHer12 in NYC and from FinCon12 in Denver.

If you already entered the original sexy giveaway don’t worry your entry is still valid and you don’t have to enter again.  If you have not yet entered the giveaway then now’s your chance to enter and win.

This is what you can win in the Smart and Sexy Giveaway:

- A t-shirt and reusable bag from Coupon Cabin. Coupon Cabin had a booth at BlogHer12 in NYC. Their celebrity spokesperson is America’s favourite reality TV mother Kate Gosselin. Does she beat out Kris Kardashian? Kate Gosselin was at BlogHer, but I did not get a chance to meet her. Coupon Cabin is a website that features coupons and discounts at a variety of national and local retailers. If you love to coupon then you should definitely check them out.

- A Sexy Couples Gift Bag from Eden Fantasys. I met Eden Fantasys at BlogHer12 in NYC and today I am giving away a sexy little gift that you and your “special friend” or spouse can enjoy over and over again for many years to come. For a closer look at what’s inside the bag please click here.

- A Financial Guide to Investing. The Sound Mind Investing Handbook by Austin Pryor was in my FinCon12 swag bag. It is a step by step guide to managing your money. Sound Mind Investing discusses topics such as how investing can be quite simple, how to use your own money to limit your investing risk, how to implement an investing strategy, and how to maximize your retirement savings.

- An attitude changing personal finance book. Pocket Your Dollars by Carrie Rocha was also in my FinCon12 swag bag. This book is not yet released and therefore you are entering to win an advanced copy of Carrie Rocha’s book. This book will help you change your attitude to help you pay down debt, avoid financial stress, and pocket more of your own money.

One lucky reader will win all of these Smart and Sexy gifts. Good Luck everyone, the winner will be announced next week.

Love Always,

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Friday Faves: My favourite bloggers right now

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Downtown Denver @ Night.

This year I was fortunate enough to attend two different blogging conferences, this was a new experience for me because I have never ever been to an overnight conference that wasn’t imposed by my 9-5 employer, aka I have never been to a conference that I actually wanted to attend.

This year I travelled to NYC for BlogHer12 and I travelled to Denver for FinCon12.  I met some great people; I discovered some amazing new products, and most of all I learned a lot about turning my blog into a business, aka my personal goal.  I am using My Diary Entry as a platform to share my thoughts, showcase my writing (talent), and promote my (soon to be finished) books.

Today I am sharing blog posts from some of my favourite bloggers that I discovered at BlogHer12 and FinCon12.  I hope that you love these bloggers as much as I do.

- Lyz Lenz @ LyzLenz.com – I met Lyz Lenz at BlogHer12 in NYC and she is totally awesome. If I had to describe Lyz in one word it would be “Fun”. I can relate to her writing because we are both girls who left our small towns in hopes of finding all of the bigger and better things that the world has to offer. OH and PS she isn’t wearing pants for a year. You can see a photo of us on my Facebook page @Tahnya Kristina.

- Cecily Kellogg @ UpperCaseWoman.com – Cecily is a mother and wife who speaks her mind and doesn’t take any crap from anyone. During her panel at BlogHer12 she taught me how to value myself as a writer and how to present myself as a professional.  If I had to describe Cecily Kellogg in one word it would be “Outspoken”.

- Alli Worthington @ BlissfullyDomestic.com – Alli Worthington is a housewife turned media mogul. She is the co-founder of the very successful social media conference Blissdom, they recently started a Blissdom Canada conference in Toronto.  Alli is a typical southern belle and she is absolutely too cute for words. If I had to describe Alli in one word it would be “Ambitious”.

- Jenna Broomberg @ H&RBlock.com- I had the pleasure of meeting Jenna at FinCon12 in Denver, Colorado.  Actually I met a couple of ladies at FinCon12 who represent H&R Block and they were all very friendly, professional, and easy going. If I had to describe the ladies from H&R Block in one word it would be “unordinary”. These ladies are young professionals who work for one of the biggest tax corporations in the country and yet they are not uptight, stuffy, or unapproachable. Actually it’s the total opposite, they are just normal ladies who work hard and like to have fun. Thanks to the ladies from H&R Block I was given the opportunity to write a guest post for H&R Block, you can read it here.

Love Always,

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26 Days Later…I Ate Pizza

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Last month I decided to give up eating pizza for one year in honour of next year’s BlogHer conference being held in Chicago.  I have always wanted to visit Chicago and I also have a nasty little habit of eating pizza a couple of (sometimes even several) times throughout any given week.  Therefore in anticipation of eating some of the best pizza in the continental U.S. next summer I decided to give up eating pizza until I visit Chicago for the BlogHer conference. The first two weeks of my no pizza mission was definitely difficult because pizza is an easy meal to eat on the go; between work and school I am always on the go.

By some miraculous event brought on by the pizza gods themselves, this past weekend I found myself in Chicago and I couldn’t resist the temptation to finally eat a Chicago deep dish pizza.  On Sunday night my return flight from Denver, Colorado to Montreal was overbooked, and I was in turn booked on a connecting flight through the city of Chicago.  I had one and a half hours at the Chicago airport; in this short period of time I managed to eat a Chicago hot (veggie) dog from America’s Dog and a deep dish pizza from Reggio’s Pizza.  Let me tell you that food never tasted so good.

Now that I know how great Chicago deep dish pizza actually tastes, I have something else to look forward to when I visit Chicago next summer for BlogHer.  I don’t feel bad about breaking my “no pizza mission” because my goal was to give up pizza for one year until next summer when I visit Chicago.  Since I was able to visit Chicago 11 months early I decided not to wait.

Due to the fact that I am really excited about visiting Chicago next summer and thanks to the wonders of Social Media, I found a Chicago restaurant owner named Billy Dec on Twitter and I asked him where to find the best deep dish pizza in Chicago. He re-tweeted my question to his 28,000+ Tweeps and it seems like there are two must-eat restaurants for deep dish pizza in Chicago;  Gino’s East and Lou Malnati’s I will see you both next summer.

In an effort to make healthier food choices and in an effort to actually finish something that I started, I have decided to continue with my “no pizza mission” until next summer.  I also added a few things to my list; in addition to not eating pizza for a year I have also given up eating French fries and ice cream.

Keep reading My Diary Entry for updates on my “no pizza, no French fries, and no ice cream mission.” A little side note – I am already having cravings for ice cream and it’s only been three days.

If you want to see more pics from my Denver/Chicago trip check out my album on Facebook (Tahnya Kristina).  I promise to accept your friend request.

Love Always,


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I am on my way to Denver, Colorado

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Good Morning. As you read this post I am off to Denver, Colorado for a work-vacation.  I am taking a four day vacation to Denver, Colorado to attend my second official blogging conference.  You may remember that last month I went to NYC to attend BlogHer.  I loved the experience so much that I have decided to do it again.  For the next three days I will be in Denver learning how to use my blog writing to further my career as a hopeful author and how to get my blogging noticed by the main stream media.  I have never been to Colorado and I am excited to spend the next four days learning about blogging and exploring the city of Denver.  My travel book for this trip is White Girl Problems by Babe Walker, it’s supposed to be very funny…I’ll let you know.

I will post lots of pics next week.  If you have been to Denver send me a tweet @TKBlogs and let me know where I should go/eat/shop in Denver.

Tomorrow is the first My Diary Entry giveaway in a series of several giveaways throughout the month of September.  I won’t tell you what it is, but I will tell you that it’s totally awesome.

OK I know the excitement is killing you so I will give you three hints.  If you guess what it is you will be entered to win.

Friday Giveaway Hint #1: It can be used by yourself or with “a friend”.

Friday Giveaway Hint #2: It can be used over and over again.

Friday Giveaway Hint #3: I discovered this company and these products on my recent trip to NYC at BlogHer. 

BONUS HINT:If we are friends on Facebook check out my pics from BlogHer, if we are not yet friends on Facebook then send me a request (I promise to accept).

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think it is.  All comments will be entered to win. Be sure to check out tomorrow’s post to see if you guessed it right.

Love Always,

Photo by Loco Steve

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