No Pizza For A Year: 2 months down 10 to go

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I am proud to say that during the last two months I have only eaten pizza three times. I know that eating pizza three times in two months is not the same as completely giving up pizza all together, but it’s definitely an improvement.  Not eating pizza is not as hard as I originally thought it would be; this just confirms that I made the right decision. Eating pizza three times a week is not a necessity, it’s an obsession and it definitely had to stop.

The response from my friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter has been very encouraging. Some people have joined me in giving up something they love in order to become a happier person and eliminate anything unnecessary or unhealthy from their lives.

Check out what other people are saying about not eating pizza for one year:

Facebook Comments:

 Patricia - Shocking…on the bright side, you can just eat m&m’s….btw, I’ve had pizza in Chicago and its totally worth the give up you’re doing!!!

 John-Michael – Really? Not all pizza is bad for you, so I wouldnt give it up!


 Ron - I think I could last 11 days…maybe.  It depends whether there’s dipping sauce or not.

Twitter Responses:

Kamara Kroeker @KamaraKroeker I would consider giving up bagels.  I’ve given up wheat products and dairy for some time now so I’ll commit! Should be easier after day 21. Supposedly it takes that long to break or form a habit.

Briana Myricks @howsmarriedlife A whole year? I don’t know how good my will power is. I’ll try to figure out what I can give up for a year.

Love Always,

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A Second Chance at Love

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This past weekend while I was in Denver Colorado for a conference my friend Tricia was getting married.  Do you remember my friend Tricia? We have been friends for over seven years and throughout that time we have definitely had some ups and downs in both our personal lives as well as in our friendship.Tricia and I have remained friends through heartaches, breakups, family drama, personal struggles, and career changes.  Tricia is my rock, she is a very independent person, she is very opinionated, and she has a very strong personality; but she never judges me for my choices or for my mistakes. That’s exactly why I love Tricia and that’s exactly why I know that we will always remain friends, because our friendship is unconditional.  Regardless of whatever chaos is going on in our personal lives Tricia and I always try to make time for each other.

Throughout the years of growing up and finding her place in the world Tricia has been very fortunate to graduate from university and find her dream job; however she has not always been very lucky in the love department.  Tricia always wanted to be in love, but she just never found her perfect match…until now. She is very independent but she is also very nurturing, this combination sometimes left her male companions curious and confused. How can a woman who wants to do everything herself also want to take care of someone else?

Tricia has worked very hard for everything that she has accomplished in her life; this also includes her new found love.  After dating men who were less than her perfect match Tricia definitely knows which qualities in a man will compliment her personality.  I am happy to say that at 33 years old my friend Tricia has finally found her perfect match. This is why I wish my friend Tricia and her new husband a lifetime of happiness together.

Last Saturday in front of their family and friends Tricia and her husband vowed to live happily ever after together through sickness and health, through richer or poorer, and until death do them part.  Tricia could have settled a long time ago for someone who was less than her perfect match, but she always knew that she deserved better.

If you are single and you feel like you are going to be single forever please don’t give up hope. Your perfect match, or your soul mate as Tricia says, is out there somewhere in the world, and you should never settle for anything less than perfect.

Love Always,

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Networking: Personal Gain or Business Strategy?

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In an effort to meet some new online friends, learn from other bloggers and build up some professional resources I recently joined the Yakezie Blog Network.  Yakezie is an online network of personal finance and lifestyle bloggers who share their personal and professional experiences with other members.  It was a no-brainer decision for me to join the Yakezie network because I am lucky enough to fit into both categories.  As a professional I write for several different personal finance blogs and in an effort to find personal happiness I also write here on my personal blog.

Why Networking is so Important

The main reason why I joined the Yakezie Blog Network was to spread the word about My Diary Entry.  An added benefit of joining the Yakezie Blog Network is that it enforces strict blogging guidelines for its members that include writing blog posts at least twice a week and promoting other members of the network.  Joining the Yakezie Blog Network forces me to blog daily and it also makes sure that I build relationships with other bloggers, both of these things will help me spread the word about My Diary Entry.

Networking helps spread the word about your business or your blog; it also forces us to meet other people who may be experiencing the same things that we are currently experiencing in our careers or in our personal lives. Different ways to network include attending conferences, offering to guest blog post on websites that have a similar audience, finding a niche and building personal relationships with people in the niche.

How do you meet new people and network?

Love Always,

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My Twitter Promise

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My Twitter Promise starts on January 1.  My ultimate goal is to consume only 1200 net calories per day and work out every other day, aka 4 times a week.  Right now I lack motivation, but I am hoping that my Twitter Friends will help me get moving.

I will be getting active from total body workouts by dancing with my Wii, doing  the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown DVD, and Swimming in my pool.  I also absolutely love running on the treadmill to relieve stress after a tough day at the office.

In 2011 I started to learn to love my life, and in 2012 I want to start to learn to love myself.  My Twitter Promise has helped me make new friends and I have gained an ongoing support system to help me achieve my goals.

Everyone has their own personal reasons for wanting to get healthy in 2012.  My personal reasons are 100% superficial, and I am not afraid to admit it. You are all welcome to join our #TwitterWorkoutPromise. If you decide to join you will gain a support system that helps motivate you to meet your personal New Years Goals.

Check out Everyone who has already joined the #TwitterWorkoutPromise:

@applecsmith wants to work on her booty to shape it up and slim it down.

@GrlRedBalloon wants to lose 10 lbs, tone down her upper thighs, and drink more water on a daily basis.

@AliLowell already has the next 6 months of workout planned and she is ready to get started January 1st. She wants to work out her thighs and she also wants to drink more water every day.

@blondeonabudget is going to track her daily workouts via @dailymile.

@20andengaged  gets motivated with her Xbox Kinect. She wants to work out 4-5 times a week and lose 30 lbs by March.

Hardcore Workouts

My Favourite Workout

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Music Helps Me Deal With My Emotions

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Happy Remembrance Day Everyone.  As we get ready for our moment of silence at 11 am I started to think about all of the people who I have lost over the past few years.   Over the last 3 years I have lost my best friend Kevin, my step brother Michael, and also my Grandma.  May we remember all of the people that we have lost over the years, and may they all rest in peace.  I guess that it gets easier over time to deal with the fact that my best friend Kevin is no longer here, but that is only because I try not to think about him every day.  It is painful to remember my time with Kevin and it hurts me inside every time that I wish he was here.

There is really no easy way to get over or deal with the loss of a loved one; I actually don’t believe that we can ever fully recover from the loss of a friend or family member. After Kevin passed away I listened to a lot of Mariah Carey. The song Bye Bye really helped me cope with Kevin’s death because it allowed me to express all of my emotions and regrets; this song also helped me reminisce on the happy times that I shared with Kevin during our 7 years of friendship. I wish that I could tell Kevin every single thing that Mariah sang in the song Bye Bye; this is really ironic because Kevin hated Mariah Carey.  He didn’t like her as a person because he thought she was too much of a diva; and he didn’t like her music because her high pitched squeals hurt his ears.

Throughout our lives music changes as our lives change; but there are always a few songs that bring back memories of a certain time in our lives.  Music can make us feel happy or sad; it can help us express our anger or joy.  Music is a big part of my life and I try to incorporate it into everything I do because music, singing, and dancing are all a form of personal expression.  Think about the last time you were sad, what song did you listen to? Think about the one song that always puts a smile on your face no matter how bad your day is, doesn’t that one song always make you feel better?

Three and a half years after Kevin’s death I still get emotional every single time that I hear Mariah Carey’s song Bye Bye.  Sometimes when I think back on my friendship with Kevin I watch the Bye Bye video on You Tube; sometimes it makes me smile, and sometimes it makes me cry.  Either way it helps me express the emotions of missing Kevin.  I am trying to continue on with my life without Kevin but it is hard. I want to talk to him, I want to hear his voice, and I really want to spend time with him; but unfortunately none of this is possible.  If you have ever lost a friend or a family member then you understand what I mean.

Below are some videos about losing a loved one and trying to deal with the grief and move on with our life.  Just a quick suggestion, but if you are really going to watch the videos and listen to the lyrics then I suggest that you have a Kleenex box in your hands.  Remember, keeping emotions inside is not good because eventually we will erupt with overflowing emotions; so go into your room, watch these videos, listen to the music and let out all of your emotions.



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