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Happy Friday everyone.  I am starting the weekend off on the right foot – with a relaxing beautifying night at home.  As I write this post I am dying my hair (dark brown to cover the newfound grey) and relaxing with a LUSH fresh face mask. I absolutely love home spa days, mostly because I will find any excuse to relax and partly because I love getting my beauty on!

As you know My Diary Entry is all about sharing the love, so here we go…

Get your gorgeous on with my favourite beauty products

I love a good LUSH fresh face mask.  I have a shiny face that is also very pale and kind of red so I need to be very careful about the products that I use on my visage (that’s French for face). I like to relax with a LUSH fresh face mask at least twice a week to keep my skin acne free and even out my skin tone.  My two favourite face masks are Cupcake which is full of chocolate goodness and Catastrophe Cosmetic which is full of luscious blueberries; both are great for the skin tone!

This solid perfume from Perfumies is totally awesome. I usually spray on my perfume, but I have tried roll on perfumes and now I have tried solid perfume.  This is a great way to travel through airport security with your perfume in hand and if you pack this solid perfume into your luggage you don’t have to worry about it leaking all over your clothes. I discovered this solid perfume in last month’s Beauty Box 5 and now I use it all the time.

I received a home spa pedicure kit for Christmas and although sometimes it’s very hard to relax without your feet touching anything, I do love home pedicures.  I don’t always have an hour to spend at the spa getting a pedicure so I was happy to discover a foot scrub, a lavender foot mask, soothing cherry foot cream, and moisturizing aloe socks.

Since my eye surgery last April I haven’t worn my contact lenses very often, but when I do I love wearing makeup.  I love this eye shadow pallet from Victoria’s Secret because the eye shadows are smooth (not rough, they don’t flake) and it comes with easy-to-use instructions.  I purchased a dark smoky eye pallet with shades of grey and a bright eyed pallet with shades of purple. These pallets come complete with brushes, 3 shades of colour and eye liner.

What is your favourite beauty product right now?

Love Always,

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It’s Time for Holiday Gifts from LUSH Cosmetics

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LUSH Cosmetics is one of my favourite stores, and I absolutely love shopping there all year round.  Everything at LUSH Cosmetics is fresh and organic; their shampoos, face washes, and moisturizers don’t irritate my (pale) sensitive skin.  I also love their bath products because they are fun, they smell good, and they make my skin super soft.

The only thing missing from LUSH Cosmetics is a Customer Loyalty Program.  Many stores offer Customer Loyalty Programs because they know that times are tough. Clients need incentives to spend whatever disposable income they have.  LUSH Cosmetics could create a Bath Bomb Loyalty Program and give clients their 6th bath bomb free when they buy 5, or something similar.  They could also offer discounts on repeated purchases such as a 10% discount on all purchases or a free gift on our birthday similar to The Love Your Body Club from The Body Shop.

LUSH Cosmetics Holiday Gift Boxes range in price from $9.95 to $199.95; therefore they can be a great gift idea for all occasions from an office Secret Santa gift exhange to a luxurious (pre wrapped) gift for your loved ones.

Happy Holiday Shopping Everyone!

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Product Reviews from The Body Shop and Lush

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Over the past few weeks I have tried some new products and I felt the need to share my best kept secrets with you. I purchased some new bath and shower products from my favourite stores such as The Body Shop, Sephora, and LUSH Cosmetics. I have been a loyal customer at The Body Shop, Sephora, and LUSH for many years, and therefore I always feel the need to at least try their new products just once.

If I love them it’s great, and if I don’t love them then no harm done, at least I tried them. In case you didn’t know, I have an entire category dedicated to LUSH, so be sure to check it out on the lower right hand side. While you are reading these product reviews keep in mind that I like sweet scents, I am not into anything that smells like flowers.

For the most part I really love all of my new bath and shower products from The Body Shop, Sephora, and LUSH Cosmetics, however there was one particular product that I was not crazy about. Keep reading to find out which one.

Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Body Wash

In general I really love Philosophy products, especially their lip gloss and body wash. This Vanilla Birthday Cake bottle was actually my birthday gift this year from Sephora for being a Beauty Insider member. It’s free to join so if you are not yet a Sephora Beauty Insider member I definitely suggest that you sign up.

Philosophy Body Washes can also be used as Shampoo and Bubble Bath, but I honestly don’t recommend it. I find that the Philosophy product works best as a Body Wash. Philosophy Body Wash is creamy and it makes a lot of foam on my loofah. As a bubble bath the bubbles don’t last very long, and as a shampoo I find that my hair is too squeaky clean and not very soft.

Spiced Pumpkin Shower Gel from The Body Shop

The Spiced Pumpkin Shower Gel from The Body Shop is a new product and it was actually created by a customer. Since I love fall and I love everything that smells sweet or anything that smells like cinnamon or pumpkin I had to try out this new Shower Gel from The Body Shop. I am happy to say that my instincts were right because I totally love the smell of this Spiced Pumpkin Body Wash. It has a strong enough smell to make me enjoy my shower, but the smell is not so strong that it is overpowering. This is a Great Product! Everyone should try the Spiced Pumpkin Shower Gel from The Body Shop.

Softsoap Indulgence Chocolate Body Wash

Softsoap recently introduced an Indulgent Chocolate Body Wash; if you follow me on Twitter you will know that I totally Love It. It is very hydrating and it makes tons of foam on my loofah…which is always a plus in my shower book! The smell is amazing, it actually smells like you are washing your body with a bar of chocolate or a cup of hot cocoa. Honestly I can’t say enough good things about this Softsoap Body Wash. It smells very similar to the Chocolate Fudge Body Wash from Philosophy, and it is a lot cheaper. You can find the Softsoap Indulgent Chocolate Body Wash at your local pharmacy.

LUSH Cosmetics Pumpkin Soap

You may remember this LUSH Pumpkin Soap from my I Totally Love Fall post a few weeks ago. I bought this cute little Pumpkin Soap because it was at the cash counter while I was checking out, I love anything that smells like Fall, and I needed a new hand soap for my bathroom. All signs pointed to yes and I thought that the LUSH Pumpkin Soap was my best purchase of the day. Well let me tell you that it was definitely not a great purchase, and after a week I actually threw it in the garbage…what a total waste of money.

The LUSH Pumpkin Soap is orange but when it gets wet it leaks fluorescent yellow. That’s right, when you wash your hands with this soap your sink and bathroom counter will be bright bright yellow; I feel that this is a vital piece of information that the LUSH employee should have mentioned before I purchased the Pumpkin Soap. I was sad to throw out the soap because I really loved the smell and the little pumpkin face was cute, but I got sick and tired of cleaning up a florescent yellow mess every single time that I washed my hands.

This one bad purchase does not change my opinion of LUSH Cosmetics and I will continue to be a loyal customer, but I have to say that I was extremely disappointed. Of all the LUSH products that I have reviewed on this blog, this Pumpkin soap was the only one that I didn’t like. So it’s ok; you win some, you lose some.

Happy Soap Shopping Everyone!

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Honey, Chocolate, LUSH, and a Homemade Face Mask

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After faithfully using the LUSH Cupcake Face Mask for years, and with the assistance of Roxanne from the LUSH store on St. Denis in Montreal, I decided to try a new LUSH Fresh Face Mask. Brazened Honey helps our skin refresh and recover from the daily stress that we cause it. Both makeup and the natural elements can be very harsh on our skin.  Our face is the one part of our body that we should always take special care of because it is the first thing that people see when they look at us.

I have tried other LUSH Fresh Face Masks in the past but I have always gone back to faithfully using the LUSH Cupcake Face Mask.  However, this time I was pleasantly surprised with the Brazened Honey Mask.

Brazened Honey is made from almonds with lime and ginger; and of course…honey.  The almond bits help scrub away dirt from the surface, the lime and ginger deep clean our skin and pores, while the honey helps soften our skin.  I love the sweet smell of the Brazened Honey Face Mask, almost as much as I love the chocolate smell of the Cupcake Face Mask.

The problem with my skin is that it is extremely pale and I have the tendency to break out.  This means that everyone can see every single tiny little flaw in my skin from dryness to pimples.  Sometimes my skin is also a very uneven mixture between red, pink, and pale.

I love the Cupcake Face Mask from LUSH, not only because it is chocolate, but also because it evens my skin tone and clears up my very mild acne.  Cupcake Face Mask is for people with oily or spotty skin.  It is made with spearmint, vanilla, and deep cleansing mud.  The cool spearmint refreshes our skin, while the vanilla calms redness and the mud deeply cleans our skin.

Although my first choice for a LUSH Fresh Face Mask will always be Cupcake, I do admit that Brazened Honey is a worthy substitute.  I will happily massage chocolate or honey into my skin any day of the week.  I use my LUSH Fresh Face Mask 2-3 times per week.

In case you don’t have a LUSH store near you, here is a Fresh Face Mask recipe from Cosmo TV that you can make at home.  It will leave your skin nourished, moisturized, and glowing.

You Will Need:

1 mashed banana

1 tablespoon of sugar

2 tablespoons of honey

2 tablespoons of olive oil (if you have naturally oily skin use only 1 tablespoon)

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and refrigerate for one hour.  Gently massage into your face and rinse with warm water after 10-15 minutes.

Happy Face Masking Everyone!

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The Amazing Generosity of LUSH Cosmetics

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Happy July 4th! I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to LUSH Cosmetics on St. Denis Street in Montreal for their generosity and big kind hearts.  Over the last month we have been raising money for The Montreal Children’s Hospital at my office.  Thanks to LUSH Cosmetics generous donation we raised over $1500 for The Montreal Children’s Hospital.

LUSH Cosmetics on St. Denis Street generously donated a $100 gift basked for us to raffle off to staff members at my office who purchased tickets.  This donation by LUSH Cosmetics along with other fundraising efforts allowed us to raise over $1500 for The Montreal Children’s Hospital and their Pedal for Kids event.

Generosity and supporting great causes are not a new concept for LUSH Cosmetics.  They support several great causes through their various in store events, limited edition products, as well as their Charity Pot products.  Charity Pot is a cause that was introduced by LUSH Cosmetics in 2007; so far they have sold over 64,000 Charity Pot products, Supported 89 charitable organizations, and raised over $1.4 million.

Charity Pot is a hand and body cream that is sold in all LUSH stores to support a variety of different charities and causes.  The amazing thing about LUSH Charity Pot is that they focus on helping small grassroots charities and projects.  LUSH clients can suggest local charities, projects, and organizations to benefit from LUSH Charity Pot.

Since it was first introduced in 2007 LUSH Charity Pot has helped many organizations such as the Small Animal Rescue Society of British Columbia, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi Kenya, The Cat House on the Kings in California, and the Ecology Action in Halifax Nova Scotia.

Over the years I have purchased several different limited edition products in support of worthy causes supported by LUSH, although up until recently I have never actually purchased the Charity Pot cream.  In the past LUSH Charity Pot cream has not been a smell that I have admired.  Originally it was very floral which is not a smell that I like to rub all over my body, I prefer sweeter fruity smells. Charity Pot was then changed to a very light coconut smell, so light that it could have been classified as unscented.  Recently the LUSH Charity Pot cream was indulged with coco and I absolutely love the sweet chocolate smell.

I purchased the LUSH Charity Pot in support of the Earthquake victims in Japan.  Other causes that LUSH supports are Human Rights, Environmental Conservation, Animal Rights, and Equal Marriage Rights with their Freedom Foamer Bubble Bar.  I love the Freedom Foamer Bubble Bar because it turns my bath water green, and it has a very uplifting lemon/lime smell.  I also found it a lot easier to break into pieces than some of the other LUSH Bubble Bars.

Next time you are in your local LUSH store be sure to ask for LUSH Charity Pot!

Here are some pics of the Charity Pot Cream to benefit the victims of the Earthquake in Japan, the Freedom Foamer Bubble Bar, the fundraising table for The Montreal Children’s Hospital, as well as Caramel the Pedal For Kids mascott.

Love Always.

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