A Sexy Little Giveaway from Eden Fantasys

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Good Morning Beautiful. I hope you had a great Christmas.  What better way to start of Boxing Day than with a sexy giveaway from our friends at Eden Fantasys.  You may remember reading about Eden Fantasys here on My Diary Entry because I discovered their website earlier this year and now I can’t stop talking about it with everyone and anyone who will listen.

I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely ladies from Eden Fantasys in August at the BlogHer conference in New York City; I have to say that these ladies have forever changed how I will think about sexy little gifts.  My Catholic school upbringing was not exactly forthcoming about being sexy so I never really explored the world of sexy little things…until now.

My URL - User accountEden Fantasys is known as “The Sex Shop You Can Trust” but the truth is that the Eden Fantasys boutique is so much more than just sex.  Whether you want to purchase some scented body cream for those cold winter nights, some shower gel to make sure you smell good every morning or if you want to purchase some sexy lingerie for a special evening – Eden Fantasys has it all!  They also have an online Eden Cafe where women and men can meet up, chat, ask questions and discuss their personal lives.  Eden Fantasys also hosts “Eden Gives Back” which is their charitable cause of an online “Community Helping Communities”.

Supremely rich bath and shower froth - Bath and shower gelEden Fantasys has been kind enough to donate a $25 gift card so that one lucky reader can enjoy their shopping experience as much as I did. I wasn’t embarrassed to be shopping on Eden Fantasys; it was actually a really fun shopping experience. The bright colours of Eden Fantasys make your shopping experience fun and flirty instead of sleazy and skanky, as sex shops are perceived to be.  I purchased a bottle of Cake body cream as well as a makeup eye shadow palette.

With their huge site wide sale going on right now your $25 gift card will go a very long way.  Eden Fantasys is also currently offering free shipping on all orders over $25. Enter below for your chance to win a $25 gift card from Eden Fantasys. Happy Shopping Everyone! Good Luck to everyone who enters.

Love Always,

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My Wish List and Holiday Shopping Tips

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(The Christmas Tree at The Quincy Market in Boston)

The holiday season is in full swing and that means that shoppers are browsing various websites and shopping malls in order to find the perfect gift for everyone on their holiday list. I personally love shopping, but even I need to plan a holiday shopping strategy. I like to plan my holiday shopping in order to make sure that I don’t go crazy and also to make sure that I remember to buy gifts for all of my loved ones.

I used to love browsing through shopping malls during the holidays while I enjoyed looking at the festive decorations and listening to the cheerful music; but in recent years as I have grown more impatient in crowds I have discovered the world of online shopping.

Shop Online to Save Time and Money

I enjoy online shopping because it is fast, it’s easy and I can do it from the comfort of my own home – I can even do it in the comfort of my own pyjamas, if I wish to do so. I also enjoy online shopping because it’s one stop shopping for all of my gifting needs.  When I shop with one website I can get gifts for everyone on my list, only pay one shipping cost (or have the fee waived with a minimum purchase amount) and I can have all of the gifts delivered right to my doorstep. Easy. Breezy!

Earn Cash Back and Even Shop at the Last Minute

Shopping online with a cash back or discount website is the gift that keeps on giving. When you shop on a cash back website you can buy gifts for all of your loved ones and you will get cash back in your pocket for all of your purchases. Some online websites offer express shipping and overnight shipping for all of those last minute holiday shoppers.  It seems as if shopping at the last minute will be a little bit more bearable if you don’t have to wait in line at stores and deal with crowds in a shopping mall.

This year My Wish List Includes:

- New Flannel Pyjamas (no one-sies please)

- The book “Dare Me” by Megan Abbott

- Just Dance 4 for my Wii

What is on your Wish List this year?

Love Always,

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Who want’s $100? Enter to Win with Rewards Runner.

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It’s December and that means it’s time to start your holiday shopping. Let me ask you a question…have you started making your list and checking it twice? If you are worried about breaking your holiday budget, don’t worry Beautiful Giveaways is here to help. I am sure that everyone would love to have a little extra money to help out with their holiday shopping and we are happy to announce that Beautiful Giveaways has teamed up with Rewards Runner o do just that. We are giving away a $100 Amex Gift Card thanks to RewardsRunner.com.

Rewards Runner is a shopping website that allows you to earn cash back while shopping at your favourite online stores. You can browse their clothing, accessory and electronic stores or you can browse through their financial services. Some of the online stores featured on Rewards Runner include Piperlime, NewEgg and Macys. Each time you make a purchase with your favourite online store through Rewards Runner you will earn cash back on all of your purchases; you may also receive any applicable discounts or coupon codes.

I recently discovered RewardsRunner.com while I was shopping for Aeropostale sweats to keep me warm during the cold winter weather. I am not a huge fan of signing up for mailing lists and joining online websites because sometimes it can be very complicated and confusing. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Rewards Runner is very easy to use and it’s very quick to sign up. Within 2 minutes I was all signed up and ready to shop.

Thanks to Rewards Runner I received a 30% discount on my entire purchase as well as 3% cash back. Anytime we can have both a discount and cash back on a purchase it’s definitely a good shopping day. 4 days after placing my order I received my Aeropostale items in the mail and everything fit perfectly. I am definitely more than happy with my Rewards Runner shopping experience. If you need to buy gifts for your friends and family this holiday season check out RewardsRunner.com for an easy and rewarding shopping experience.

Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway below for your chance to win a $100 Amex gift card from RewardsRunner.com.

The winner will be announced Sunday December 23.

Love Always,

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The Latest Fashion Trends for Fall and Winter

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English: Runway model; Abigail Keats Autumn/Wi...Many well known fashion designers made a prediction that the latest trends will be ruled by the music indusries with inspriation from the world of rock music and the hip hop lifestyle.

Tips for Fall and Winter:

- The latest fashion garments will be made of chunky textured materials.

- The stylish scarves can be regarded as one of the best fashion statements of this year.

Men’s Fashion Wear

- There are many fashion garments for men this year such as jackets, coloured jeans and denim jeans.

- Men can also wear the all time hit athletic jerseys. If you wear this you can get a cool look. So wear a jersey and make a unique fashion statement.

- Black leather jackets are also a good option for men. They create a bold look and always make effective fashion statement.

From the above mentioned points and discussions we have come to know the latest trends this year. Nowadays both men and women all want to look gorgeous. Many young celebrities also prefer the laid back look of rock and hip hop styles. In this article we discussed all the essential features of the latest trends. There is no doubt that women always jump ahead of men when it comes to new trends, especially when it comes to fashion.

Love Always,

Author’s Bio:

Author’s Bio: Emily Stone is a professional writer for The Little Things in Life. She has a vast experience in writing articles on Wedding Hair Accessories and related topics. In this article he has written on latest trends in fashion wear.

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Is Online Shopping too good to be true? No, it’s for real!

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Good Morning everyone, today I am writing on My Diary Entry with excellent news. On my recent trip to BlogHer in New York City I discovered a website called Ebates Canada.  It is a one-stop online shopping website that offers both instant discount codes and cash back on all of your purchases. I am a huge fan of online shopping because I hate waiting in lines and I hate dealing with salespeople.

I prefer do my shopping in the U.S. or on U.S. based websites because a large portion of my disposable income is paid in U.S. Dollars.  I also prefer to do my shopping in the U.S. because the prices on the exact same U.S. products are usually cheaper than they are in Canada. However sometimes I avoid online shopping because I find that the U.S. shipping costs to Canada can be very expensive. So what’s the good news? On Sept 4 I ordered new boots from Dr. Jays through Ebates Canada and less than 5 days later they arrived at my door.

My Purchase from Ebates Canada

I absolutely love boots, and with Fall quickly approaching there is no better time to purchase new boots than right now. I love boots because they are very comfortable and they are diverse; I can wear boots with jeans, leggings, and skirts.  I purchased a pair of black boots that were originally priced at $58.00 for only $37.99.  On top of the sale price I also received 5% cash back and a 20% instant discount on my entire purchase.  Including the shipping and handling to Canada my total order was only $55.58.  In my opinion that’s a great deal.

Oh and did I mention that everyone receives a $10 gift card to the retailer of their choice with their first purchase?

When and Why I shop on Ebates Canada

Ebates Canada  offers discount codes and cash back with a variety of both Canadian and U.S. retailers.  I absolutely love the fact that I can shop at my favourite U.S. retailers and have my purchases delivered right to my doorstep.

I will always shop on Ebates Canada for retailers that are not otherwise available to Canadians.  The discount codes and cash back usually cover the cost of shipping and handling; therefore it’s as if I am shopping in a store with no additional shipping costs and I am avoiding the line ups in the stores because my purchase is being delivered right to my door.

What makes Ebates different?

With just one purchase I received 5% cash back and 20% off of my entire purchase. Where else in the online shopping world can you benefit from both cash back and an instant discount on your entire purchase?

Ebates Canada offers Canadians the option to shop at popular U.S. retailers such as Designer Shoe Warehouse, Macy’s, American Eagle Outfitters, Target, Aeropostale, Mark Cosmetics, and The Disney Store. Each retailer description gives information about the total cash back offered, the places where they ship their merchandise, as well as which currencies they accept as a form of payment. Ebates Canada accepts several different payment methods including PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard.

I am absolutely satisfied with my purchase on Ebates Canada and I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Check out some more pics:


Love Always,

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