Today I am going to feel better about myself

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(Cheers to feeling better about ourselves!)

Good Morning! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend, I sure did.  It was very cold here in Montreal this weekend so I stayed inside and watched movies for two days.  It was quite lovely.  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to start liking the way I look and to start thinking about myself in a positive manner.

Losing weight from diet and exercise takes some time (but I will eventually get there) and not liking yourself is not motivating. So I have found some tricks to start liking myself while I am on the path to loving myself.

Use these tips to start feeling skinnier and better about yourself today:

Stand up straight.  Looking at the ground and slouching your shoulders is extremely bad for your posture and on top of that it makes you look fat. When you slouch forward your stomach also slouches, so stand up straight and keep your belly and your back flat.

Drink lots of water. On top of the health benefits (such as hydrated glowing skin and flushing out the toxins in your body) that come with drinking lots of water everyday it also helps you lose weight and feel good.  Keeping your belly full of water will make you eat less because it tricks your body into thinking that you are full.  I am definitely not saying to skip meals and only drink water, but keeping our bodies hydrated throughout the day is a great way to curve our appetite.

Stretch every single day.  When we move around we always feel better, or at least I do.  But unfortunately I don’t have the time or the motivation to workout every single day.  Actually in all honestly my personal goal is to workout 3 times a week and every other week workout 4 times a week.  Like many people I don’t have time to workout every day, however I do have 10 minutes to dedicate to stretching.  After I put on my pyjamas and before I hop into bed I take 10 minutes to stretch out my entire body from head to toe.  It’s relaxing and it makes me feel great.  Stretching doesn’t burn a lot of calories but it makes me feel better and that’s what 2013 is all about.

Always look cute.  When we feel bad about ourselves it’s easy to want to stay in our oversized sweatpants so that we don’t see our true body form. But this is not helping your motivation. When we look good we feel good so for your personal happiness start looking good. No matter what you do make sure your hair is cute and your outfit is matchy-matchy, even if you are just going to get your mail make sure that you look cute and feel good about yourself.

Keep mints on you at all times. This is a simple mental trick; if your breath always feels fresh like you just brushed your teeth you will not want to put food into it.  It’s as simple as that! Just think about it for a minute…how many times have you said no thank you to a bite of food because you just brushed your teeth or because you just popped a piece of gum into your mouth? The answer is probably every single time, so keep mints (or minty gum) on you at all times.

If you want to find other great tips on how to feel better about yourself and finding personal happiness in your life, your career, with your money and with your health be sure to grab a copy of my new book “A Better You: We don’t have to be the best but we can all be better.”  It is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Love Always.

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Get Healthy With These Small Changes

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In an effort to get healthy I have been making positive changes in my eating habits and trying to workout on a regular basis.  It would be a major understatement to say that this lifestyle change has been an adjustment in my life.  My personal motto used to be “There is nothing that a medium pizza and a bag of Reese Pieces can’t fix.” Now my personal motto is “Put down the pizza and walk away.”

I have traded in my medium pizzas for well proportioned meals and I have swapped the Reese Pieces for snack sized protein bars. I am making small changes in my life but they seem to be having a big impact. I feel lighter, smaller and I have more energy. I am enjoying my new healthy life and I look forward to the end result (aka losing 20 lbs by April 1, 2013).

Use these small changes to get healthy and be happy:

1. Drink More Water. You will feel full and it helps flush out the toxins in your body.

2. Exercise 3 Times a Week. Even if you only exercise for 30 minutes, it’s better than nothing.

3. Make your Workout Fun. Dancing and Zumba are fun workouts that burn a lot of calories.

4. Eat Smaller Portions. Get smaller plates, order a kids meal, do whatever it takes.

5. Eat Healthy Snacks.  Snack on fruit, nuts and protein bars, trust me your belly will be full.

6. Don’t Forget the Fruits and Veggies. Try to eat veggies with your lunch and dinner, have some fruit for dessert.

7. Have a Cheat Day. Treat yourself in moderation once a week, only 1 chocolate chip cookie.

8. Stretch on a Daily Basis.  Every day stretch out your limbs and your stress with some Yoga.

9. It’s Normal That You Are Hungry. Your body will adjust after a week or two, just ignore your belly grumbles.

10. Celebrate Your sSccess. Buy yourself something nice, don’t celebrate with food.

Love Always,

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Win a Balanced Life Planner from Julie Morgenstern

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My New Year’s Resolution is all about doing what I love and making time to accomplish all of my personal goals.  In order to do this I need a little bit of help from someone who knows all about finding the perfect balance between family, friends, life and work. I couldn’t think of anyone better to help me out than Ms. Julie Morgenstern aka Ms. Get Your Life Together.

The helpful people at Julie Morgenstern are just as passionate (some may even say obsessive) about organization as I am; they were generous enough to send over the complete Balanced Life Planner for a review and a giveaway.

Get Organized with Julie Morgenstern

I personally love the Balanced Life Planner by Julie Morgenstern Enterprises because it is fully equipped to help plan every aspect of our lives. The complete kit includes 3 different planners to help keep track of your daily tasks, your weekly goals and your monthly personal projects. I like the fact that I don’t have to carry around one big planner.  I can take my daily planner with me on the go and I can refer to the stepped project planner and the next action notebook whenever I need to check in on my personal goals. If you have a busy lifestyle then this planner is for you; actually it could be yours thanks to Beautiful Giveaways and Julie Morgenstern.

Enter to Win the Balanced Life Planner

One lucky reader will win a Balanced Life Planner from Julie Morgenstern Enterprises to help you get organized in the New Year.

The lucky winner will receive:

- The Balanced Life Planner (January – March)

- The Next Action Notebook

- The Stepped Project Notebook

Enter below for your chance to win.  If you would like to purchase your own planner please visit - use the Discount Code HOLIDAY and receive 25% off. Good Luck to Everyone who enters.

Love Always,

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Finding a Balance That Fits You

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This is a guest post from Athena @ Serendipitys Guide to Saving

As a young woman, it’s easy to feel the day to day pressure of society. How do I do it all? Where is there time to kick butt in my career, feed myself, hang out with friends, read whatever is popular at the moment and work out? Oh, and you expect me to sleep? What?!?! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious, especially with my go go go mentality but I’m beginning to understand how important it is to have balance these days.

What exactly do I do to stay balanced?

1. Make A List
I am a big list maker and I can say writing a list helps cut down my stress. I get overwhelmed easily, but writing everything down with a pen and a piece of paper helps calm me. Sure, I may have more things to do than hours in the day, but at least it’s on paper and now I can’t forget about anything. Also, there is something so satisfying about crossing something off manually with a pen.

2. Cut out what’s not important
How often do we do something, even though it’s not important? On my to do list I have about 15 things for this week but two of these items are actually watching different television shows. Is that important? No, it’s just something I enjoy and wanted to remind myself. But if push came to shove, and I had something to do more important like working out? You bet television would be the first thing to go. Sometimes, even if you want to do something, it’s not necessary and can go. When the going gets tough, anything not important can get going too. You’d be surprised what a waste time sucks like television and blog hopping can be. Okay in moderation, but make sure to limit it when you got stuff to do!

3. Remember You
One of my tricks to finding balance is remembering me. Yes, I need to get x,y and z done. Yes I have days when all I feel is rushed. But at the end of the day, I still have to answer to me and there is only me. I’m only one person, not five. A good friend told me once that sometimes, you can only do your best and move on. I try to make sure I do my best with what I’m given, reflect, and then move on. Sometimes you only have half an hour and that’s okay. Remember you and do what you can.

I hope my tips helped. Any readers have any helpful tips on finding balance you’d like to share?

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- Athena is the writer behind Serendipity’s Guide to Savings and resides in Las Vegas. When not drinking obnoxious amounts of Starbucks or plotting her next travel adventure without looking suspicious, she can be found being passionate about non-profits and Twitter as well. You should follow her @serendipity85

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I am Totally Inspired by Bethenny Frankel

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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Everyone and Happy Birthday to me…tomorrow.  I recently read a post on BlogHer  about how the career of Capella University graduate Rachael Hartman inspired a blogger to work towards her dreams.  This post was so motivating that it inspired me to tell my own story of how Bethenny Frankel and her career have inspired my own career aspirations.

If you are like me then you have been inspired by Bethenny Frankel from her career as a celebrity apprentice with Martha Stewart to the launch of her Skinnygirl cocktail line and multi published best-selling novels.

Inspired by Bethenny to Make Positive Changes

Bethenny Frankel turned her life around from being broke to being a millionaire, she went from being unemployed to building her own Skinnygirl empire. Bethenny Frankel is her own self made success story and that is truly inspiring. Bethenny went from being in her 30s and not being able to pay her rent to having it all including money, love, family, and a successful career.

What was Bethenny Frankel’s motivation to make change? She woke up one day and decided that she didn’t want to be broke anymore. She decided that she wanted to stop complaining about everything that was wrong in her life and she actually wanted to start doing something about it. Bethenny and I have this in common.

I am working towards my personal happiness as I learn to love life and try to love myself by making positive changes in every aspect of my life from my career to my relationship.

Bethenny Frankel Inspired Me To Be Better

I work in personal finance and after the market crash in 2008 I found myself without any income.  If any of you have ever struggled through financial difficulties then you know that it can cause an enormous amount of stress in other parts of your life such as your relationship. Being broke and not being able to pay the bills definitely took its toll on my relationship and I wasn’t sure that my relationship would survive.  I am happy to say that my boyfriend and I are still together, but I am not sure that our relationship will ever fully recover from the things that were said and done during our financial difficulties.

Bethenny Frankel achieved her dreams later in life, this is inspiring because people need to know that it’s ok not to choose the path that was chosen for them, I know that I didn’t.  My parents would have loved nothing more than to have me attend university in my hometown, get married, have two kids, and buy a home in London, Ontario.  However I had other plans.  After I graduated from high school I packed up my stereo and my bicycle and I moved 800 kilometers away to Montreal, Quebec; I have been here ever since. Bethenny Frankel chose her own path in life and so did I.  Bethenny lives on the motto that it’s ok to be yourself and to be different than what you are supposed to be; I totally love that about her.

Bethenny Frankel is my inspiration to write my first book which should be finished by December 31.  The book is titled “A Better You: We don’t have to be the best, but we can all be better”

Who inspires you?

Love Always,

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