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I got a reminder this week about how precious life is and how little time we have on this planet. I got some bad news recently about a family friend. He has been getting very sick lately and had had multiple brain hemorrhages and the doctors suspect he may also have cancer. His health has been deteriorating for a while and he has attended multiple hospitals in order to get treatment for his illness. His family has been by his side helping him through the ordeal but it has been costing them thousands upon thousands of dollars. As a result, they are considering selling their house in order to pay the expenses.

Finding out the News

My mother called me to tell me the news of the family. I was pretty shocked when she told me. This was a family who always seemed to have everything in the palm of their hands. The family friend (the father) had a very high-paying job that afforded them an ample lifestyle. As a result, the mother never had to work and the children were able to have the finer things in life. They weren’t wealthy by any means but they were more than comfortable. My mother (who had to work) was always a bit of envious of their lifestyle. They always had nice things and it was clear that money was not much of an issue.

When I heard the news, I got a bit teary. I couldn’t believe some thing like this had happened to such a nice man. He is a well-respected figure in the community, and I’ve never heard of anyone say a negative word about any of his family. It just made me think of how little time we have on this earth. It reminded me of the importance of each day and how our health is one of our greatest assets. Without it, life would be very difficult or even unable to exist. It is amazing to think how something like chronic illness can affect us.

Thinking of Life

I have been kind of on a thinking streak since I heard the news.  I have been thinking about how we are all subject to life’s obstacles no matter what financial position we are in. Some of us may have ridden high for many years only to have something like ill health come and bring it all down. Some of us may have had tough upbringings and are still able to accomplish great things when older. The point is we never know what’s around the corner and sometimes the best-laid plans can go haywire. Like my family friend, he had worked hard to build a strong foundation for his family, but sometimes things change.

I am writing to tell you to make every moment count. Spend time with loved ones and be thankful for the time you have with them. Life is here one moment and gone the next. Taking the time to savor it is important and necessary to truly appreciate life.

Take Care,


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Get creative with Minted.com: $75 Giveaway

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Today My Diary Entry partnered with Minted.com to bring you a great giveaway.  If you are looking for cute, creative and professional wedding invitations, thank you cards, artwork or personalized stationary then you need to check out Minted.com

I am currently in the market for new business cards and some cute art for my new home office. So when the good people from Minted.com asked me to try out their services I was more than happy to go shopping and tell you all about it!

What is Minted.com?

Minted.com is a website that offers creative designs for all of your stationary needs.  The cool thing about Minted.com is that they feature designs from hundreds of individual creative people – just like you and me.

It’s easy to shop on Minted.com

You can choose your invitations, journals, personalized cards and stationary by style or by subject; minted.com offers a variety of custom colours for each design.  Let me tell you that Minted.com has designs for every occasion from birthday parties and save the date cards to baby shower invitations and thank you cards.

JUST FOR YOU: Visit Minted.com and get 10% your entire order with the code GIFTMINTED10

I ordered personalized stationary, a piece of wall art and a journal; they will all be delivered right to my doorstep via FedEx within 3-5 business days for the low price of only $9.95.  That’s right, the shipping costs with Minted.com are very reasonable.

I really hate it when I shop online, find a great deal and then end up paying more for shipping than I did for all of my items. Trust me, that won’t happen with Minted.com.  If you need your items in a rush they also offer priority shipping for an additional fee.

English Countryside JournalsDesign your own stationary with Minted.com

If you are visually creative then you can enter the Minted.com design challenge.  All you have to do is visit Minted.com, upload your design and let your friends, family, fans and followers vote for you.  It’s a great way to get your work noticed; the winning design will be available for purchase on Minted.com.  How cool is that?

OK now it’s time for the giveaway

Enter below for your chance to win a $75 gift card from Minted.com. This contest is open to everyone, everywhere and of all ages. So enter for your chance to win and don’t forget to tell your friends!

Good luck to everyone who enters.

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Look Like a Lady. Sweat Like a Boss.

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Ellie Gym
Good Morning Loves.  It’s Monday morning and it’s time for a personal confession, I know it’s early but bear with me for a moment because we have a little something-something for you too.

I want to workout, I actually want to spend my day’s only working out, losing weight and getting fit but sometimes (actually most of the time) I lack the motivation to get off my butt and get moving.  I definitely feel better after I workout but getting started can be difficult.

Ellie RunSo how do I keep motivated?

I honestly believe that cute workout outfits are the foundation of every good workout because when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you will be happy and when you are happy you will have the motivation to get moving.  Right?

We usually think that we have to be in old sweats when we workout and we always assume that we are going to look sweaty and gross while doing it, but that is just not true.  No one says that we have to be ugly while working out, after all a little sweat never hurt nobody.  My secret to keeping motivated is to always look good and have fun when I workout.

Where can you find cute workout outfits for cheap?

I know that workout outfits can be very expensive and I for one can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on workout clothes.  I am always looking for creative – aka cost efficient ways to workout.  I recently discovered the world of Ellie and my workout wardrobe has never been the same.

The ladies at Ellie are all about looking good. They want to help keep you motivated to keep working out. How do they do this? With cute workout outfits of course! Ellie offers complete quality workout outfits for discount prices.  You can get a complete workout outfit – that’s a top and a bottom – for only $49.95 and shipping is included.

- Ellie is offering all My Diary Entry readers 20% off their first workout outfit -

Ellie YogaI have 2 complete workout outfits from Ellie which include grey leggings, black capri’s and two tank tops and I totally love them. They absorb my sweat to keep me looking cute, they are flexible so I can stretch comfortably during yoga and they are trendy so that I look good when I workout in the park.  Visit their website, chose your outfit and get 20% off…it’s that easy.

So now that your new workout outfit is in the mail and on its way to you (because I assume you went to the Ellie website and ordered a cute workout outfit) let me tell you why I love working out.

3 reasons why I love working out:

1. It keeps you warm. We all know that working out regularly can help our health but there are other benefits too. This winter was especially cold and my motivation for working out this winter was to keep warm.

2. It helps you sleep. I like to workout after dinner because then I can take a warm shower and go to bed.  Burning off all my extra energy has really helped me sleep deeper and longer every night.

3. It’s really good for your skin.  I don’t think sweat is gross, I love sweating because it clears out my pores and gives my skin a J.Lo-esque glow. It takes a bit to get me going but once I start working out I’m like bring on the sweat!

Why do you love working out?

Love Always,

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A Sexy Little Giveaway from Eden Fantasys

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My URL - User account
Good Morning Beautiful. I hope you had a great Christmas.  What better way to start of Boxing Day than with a sexy giveaway from our friends at Eden Fantasys.  You may remember reading about Eden Fantasys here on My Diary Entry because I discovered their website earlier this year and now I can’t stop talking about it with everyone and anyone who will listen.

I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely ladies from Eden Fantasys in August at the BlogHer conference in New York City; I have to say that these ladies have forever changed how I will think about sexy little gifts.  My Catholic school upbringing was not exactly forthcoming about being sexy so I never really explored the world of sexy little things…until now.

My URL - User accountEden Fantasys is known as “The Sex Shop You Can Trust” but the truth is that the Eden Fantasys boutique is so much more than just sex.  Whether you want to purchase some scented body cream for those cold winter nights, some shower gel to make sure you smell good every morning or if you want to purchase some sexy lingerie for a special evening – Eden Fantasys has it all!  They also have an online Eden Cafe where women and men can meet up, chat, ask questions and discuss their personal lives.  Eden Fantasys also hosts “Eden Gives Back” which is their charitable cause of an online “Community Helping Communities”.

Supremely rich bath and shower froth - Bath and shower gelEden Fantasys has been kind enough to donate a $25 gift card so that one lucky reader can enjoy their shopping experience as much as I did. I wasn’t embarrassed to be shopping on Eden Fantasys; it was actually a really fun shopping experience. The bright colours of Eden Fantasys make your shopping experience fun and flirty instead of sleazy and skanky, as sex shops are perceived to be.  I purchased a bottle of Cake body cream as well as a makeup eye shadow palette.

With their huge site wide sale going on right now your $25 gift card will go a very long way.  Eden Fantasys is also currently offering free shipping on all orders over $25. Enter below for your chance to win a $25 gift card from Eden Fantasys. Happy Shopping Everyone! Good Luck to everyone who enters.

Love Always,

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My Wish List and Holiday Shopping Tips

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(The Christmas Tree at The Quincy Market in Boston)

The holiday season is in full swing and that means that shoppers are browsing various websites and shopping malls in order to find the perfect gift for everyone on their holiday list. I personally love shopping, but even I need to plan a holiday shopping strategy. I like to plan my holiday shopping in order to make sure that I don’t go crazy and also to make sure that I remember to buy gifts for all of my loved ones.

I used to love browsing through shopping malls during the holidays while I enjoyed looking at the festive decorations and listening to the cheerful music; but in recent years as I have grown more impatient in crowds I have discovered the world of online shopping.

Shop Online to Save Time and Money

I enjoy online shopping because it is fast, it’s easy and I can do it from the comfort of my own home – I can even do it in the comfort of my own pyjamas, if I wish to do so. I also enjoy online shopping because it’s one stop shopping for all of my gifting needs.  When I shop with one website I can get gifts for everyone on my list, only pay one shipping cost (or have the fee waived with a minimum purchase amount) and I can have all of the gifts delivered right to my doorstep. Easy. Breezy!

Earn Cash Back and Even Shop at the Last Minute

Shopping online with a cash back or discount website is the gift that keeps on giving. When you shop on a cash back website you can buy gifts for all of your loved ones and you will get cash back in your pocket for all of your purchases. Some online websites offer express shipping and overnight shipping for all of those last minute holiday shoppers.  It seems as if shopping at the last minute will be a little bit more bearable if you don’t have to wait in line at stores and deal with crowds in a shopping mall.

This year My Wish List Includes:

- New Flannel Pyjamas (no one-sies please)

- The book “Dare Me” by Megan Abbott

- Just Dance 4 for my Wii

What is on your Wish List this year?

Love Always,

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