Friday Faves: Smooth skin, long lashes and happy feet

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Happy Friday Lovlies!  I recently discovered the world of subscription boxes and I totally fell in love with the idea of getting a box full of surprises in the mail every month.  I don’t know about you, but I love getting mail, so getting mail full of little surprises is that much better.

Just in case you are a subscription box newbie (like I was) let me explain how it works…

1. You chose a genre such as health food or beauty products.

2. You make sure the monthly subscription fits in your budget (usually $10-$15 per month including shipping).

3. Sign up and start receiving your boxes in the mail.  It’s that easy!

Here are my favourite products from recent subscription boxes:

This Blinc mascara came in my Beauty Box 5 subscription box and it’s totally awesome.  Who knew that such a little mascara could have such a big impact? Beauty Box 5 only costs only $10 per month (shipping is included) and they deliver 4-5 beauty products right to your door. Other products I have received in my Beauty Box 5 include face wash, makeup remover, eye shadow and lip liner pencils (more reviews to come!).  PS – it really comes in the light blue box with a white bow.

I received this lightly scented body cream from C. Booth in my KLUTCHclub subscription box.  Klutch Club is a subscription box that focuses on healthy snacks, earth-friendly products and active wear.  Basically Klutch club is one stop shopping for everything you need to live a naturally healthy life.  This C.Booth cream is hydrating but it’s not greasy, that’s usually a hard combo to find.  Samples of products that may come in your Klutch Club subscription box include eco-friendly laundry detergent, soy snack bars and flavoured rice. A monthly Klutch Club subscription costs $16-$18 per month (including shipping) depending on the package that you choose.

I first heard about this heavenly foot cream from my friend Tammy @ Makeup Wishes and all I can say is WOW!  Alessandro International’s Heel Rescue Balm is a totally amazing foot cream that will help your tired and freezing feet get through the cold winter.  Kick back, lift up your feet and relax with Alessandro International’s Heel Rescue Balm.

This soothing foot cream blends in easily (because not all foot creams do) and that’s a plus; there is nothing worse than having big gobs of cream on your feet. Alessandro International’s Heel Rescue Balm has a refreshing scent of mint mixed with tea tree (I think).  After only three nights of using Alessandro’s Heel Rescue Balm my feet feel smoother and softer. Visit their website to find a local retailer near you.

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