Today I am going to feel better about myself

(Cheers to feeling better about ourselves!)

Good Morning! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend, I sure did.  It was very cold here in Montreal this weekend so I stayed inside and watched movies for two days.  It was quite lovely.  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to start liking the way I look and to start thinking about myself in a positive manner.

Losing weight from diet and exercise takes some time (but I will eventually get there) and not liking yourself is not motivating. So I have found some tricks to start liking myself while I am on the path to loving myself.

Use these tips to start feeling skinnier and better about yourself today:

Stand up straight.  Looking at the ground and slouching your shoulders is extremely bad for your posture and on top of that it makes you look fat. When you slouch forward your stomach also slouches, so stand up straight and keep your belly and your back flat.

Drink lots of water. On top of the health benefits (such as hydrated glowing skin and flushing out the toxins in your body) that come with drinking lots of water everyday it also helps you lose weight and feel good.  Keeping your belly full of water will make you eat less because it tricks your body into thinking that you are full.  I am definitely not saying to skip meals and only drink water, but keeping our bodies hydrated throughout the day is a great way to curve our appetite.

Stretch every single day.  When we move around we always feel better, or at least I do.  But unfortunately I don’t have the time or the motivation to workout every single day.  Actually in all honestly my personal goal is to workout 3 times a week and every other week workout 4 times a week.  Like many people I don’t have time to workout every day, however I do have 10 minutes to dedicate to stretching.  After I put on my pyjamas and before I hop into bed I take 10 minutes to stretch out my entire body from head to toe.  It’s relaxing and it makes me feel great.  Stretching doesn’t burn a lot of calories but it makes me feel better and that’s what 2013 is all about.

Always look cute.  When we feel bad about ourselves it’s easy to want to stay in our oversized sweatpants so that we don’t see our true body form. But this is not helping your motivation. When we look good we feel good so for your personal happiness start looking good. No matter what you do make sure your hair is cute and your outfit is matchy-matchy, even if you are just going to get your mail make sure that you look cute and feel good about yourself.

Keep mints on you at all times. This is a simple mental trick; if your breath always feels fresh like you just brushed your teeth you will not want to put food into it.  It’s as simple as that! Just think about it for a minute…how many times have you said no thank you to a bite of food because you just brushed your teeth or because you just popped a piece of gum into your mouth? The answer is probably every single time, so keep mints (or minty gum) on you at all times.

If you want to find other great tips on how to feel better about yourself and finding personal happiness in your life, your career, with your money and with your health be sure to grab a copy of my new book “A Better You: We don’t have to be the best but we can all be better.”  It is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Love Always.

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8 thoughts on “Today I am going to feel better about myself

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  8. It’s amazing how feeling good about myself affects every aspect of my life. I’m more confident, more comfortable, and just happier in general when I feel good! I used to be a total sloucher — as a 5’10″ girl, I felt like a weirdo and tried to look shorter. Then I realized I am pretty awesome just the way I am. Now I rock heels!

    I definitely need to work on the stretching thing though. I love stretching but I rarely take the time to do it. Great tips!