Today I start my Dream Job

Dear Diary,

Today is the first day at my new job and I have to say that I am both a little bit nervous and a little bit excited. I am nervous because starting over can be terrifying.  A new job means new people, a new office and a new professional experience.  I am a little bit excited because this is my dream job, after over a decade of working in personal finance I am making the career move to communications.

So how did I get my dream job?

I parlayed my personal finance experience and my blogging expertise into my dream job working in corporate communications. Starting today I will be writing financial communications 8 hours a day 5 days a week.  You may remember that for quite some time now I have been enhancing my education, gaining writing experience through freelance work and making valuable connections by attending social media and blogging conferences.  Today I am excited to tell you that all of my hard work has paid off because today I start my dream job.

My blog helped me of course!

When the market crashed a few years ago I needed to find a way to supplement my income and I didn’t have time to learn a new skill or trade because rent was due on the first.  I decided to combine my love of writing with my experience in personal finance and in 2009 I started freelance financial writing.  I started to book freelance jobs writing material for finance and insurance companies who were looking to outsource their work due to budget cutbacks.

I used my personal blog to showcase my portfolio of work as well as let out my personal emotions from time to time. I currently write for several different personal finance blogs and corporate financial websites so I use my personal blog as a place to display all of my accomplishments; it’s a better then sending potential employers to several different websites to view my work.  My most recent personal accomplishments are the release of my first book and being featured on our local news in a feature about how to help people stay out of debt.

The magic dream job formula…

I absolutely love writing and I decided that I wanted to write as a full time job but since I don’t actually have any corporate writing experience I didn’t know where to begin.  I visited a resume building website and I asked my friends and my mother (who works in HR) to give me some resume marketing tips for someone who is thinking about switching careers in their early 30s.  The response (and helpfulness) from everyone was overwhelming, I guess it’s because everyone loves a good success story (aka my new book A Better You).  Soon enough I had a brand new resume outlining my experience in personal finance and highlighting my writing skills as a blogger.

There you have it…

ambition + an action plan + a great support system = getting your dream job – that’s priceless.

Love Always.

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11 thoughts on “Today I start my Dream Job

    • Thanks Vanessa. I really like the new job. An added bonus is that it’s not right in the downtown core so I am going to be spending a lot less money on snacks and shopping! Hello 2013!

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